4 Ways That an Appraisal Will Help With Car Accident Claims

When a vehicle is damaged in an accident, there are two choices of what to do next. The vehicle can be repaired, or it can be totaled. How will you know what the insurance provider has in mind? Since you do have the option of finding a reputable appraisal service to assess the vehicle’s worth, it’s a good idea to see what that professional has to say before agreeing to any outcome with car accident claims. Here is how that professional can help.

Expert Advice on the Vehicle’s Worth

An appraiser will take into account all the factors related to the vehicle’s value. The make and model will have some influence. A closer look at areas where the car did not sustain any damage will also come in handy. Finally, the extent of the damage will make a difference too.

The goal at this point is to determine whether or not the car is worth repairing. This assumes that you will be given a choice between repairs and totaling the vehicle. Thanks to the assessment results, you will have a better idea of which approach would make the most financial sense.

And The Costs For Repairing the Vehicle

As part of the process, you will learn more than the car’s value. There will also be an estimate of what it would take to undo the damage. This is important, since you want to compare the two figures before making any decision.

You can bet that the insurance provider will go with the option that involves the least amount necessary to settle the claim. This may be totaling the car and providing you with an amount equal to the current replacement value, or it could mean agreeing to pay for the repairs. By having knowledge about those figures yourself, you can determine if the offer is fair, or if you want to go another route.

Deciding If Repairs Are Worth It

Assume that the insurance provider does offer to pay for the repairs. Based on the appraisal results, do you think that repairs will be worth the time and the effort? Perhaps you do want to hang on to the car for a time; in that case, agreeing to the repairs makes sense.

When you really don’t think the repairs will be sufficient, it is possible to counter the offer. This is not uncommon when car accident claims don’t initially result in a solution that both parties find agreeable. If the appraisal results tend to bear out your position, they could be helpful in getting what you really want.

Ending Up With a Vehicle That’s Safe to Drive

Whatever choice that you made, the ultimate goal is to end up with a vehicle that is reliable and safe for you to drive. That may be in the form of a repaired vehicle that is capable of providing reliable transportation for many more years. On the other hand, it could mean taking the offer to total and using the money to buy another vehicle that has not been wrecked and will get you anywhere that you want to go.

Put the appraisal results to work for you. Take it in and consider the results as the accident claim continues to go through the usual process. In the end, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about what to do.

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