“Highlight After Highlight With Travel Club by Wyndham”

In the 8 weeks time that we travelled throughout Europe, I took 8000 photos!!! Yes, 8000. We stayed over 4 weeks in Finland and then almost 4 weeks in Paris – Switzerland – Austria and Italy. So there were lots photo opportunities. It was amazing holiday!

I had my Nikon D3300 and iPhone 6, used both.

Bruano Island, Venice, Italy

Bruano Island, Venice

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Travel Club by Wyndham Provides a Tailor Made Holiday

PhuketAs an Australian, I wanted to visit some Asian countries, but as a widow wanting to travel alone, the itinerary needed to be comprehensive enough but manageable for me and within my comfort zone.

The answer for me was to cruise, which I love, from Fremantle to Singapore with stops in Phuket, Malaysia and a four day program of day trips in Singapore.

The travel consultant arranged all my bookings, from Brisbane to Perth, including flight, transfer and accommodation. The cruise was also booked, then the Singapore package of accommodation, transfers and tours and return flight to Australia. Continue reading