The Perfect Off Season

My partner and I are long-term members of Wyndham Timeshare. We joined about 9 years ago and have had a marvellous time staying in excellent accommodation in every state in Australia and New Zealand. When we joined there were only 3 locations in our own state of Victoria; Torquay, Ballarat and Lakes Entrance. Much to our delight, Wyndham has grown and the new locations both in Australia and internationally are splendid.

Late in October I said to Robert “Look there’s a new Victorian Resort at Dinner Plain in the Alps!” Robert looked at the photos of the beautiful mountain scenery and replied, “Yes but its a ski resort and we are past the age of snow sports.”

“We don’t have to be skiers or even go when the snow covers the Ramada Resort Mount Hotham” I replied. “Let’s go off season. Spring native flowers will be out and we will be surrounded by the National Parks, so there will be plenty of rambles.”

That’s exactly what we did. The Ramada Resort Dinner Plain, Mt Hotham chalets were wonderful with nearly 360 degree views of the Alpine Mountains and brilliant sunsets. Well marked tracks led us to historic cattlemen’s huts and scenic waterfalls, fed by melting snows. A week was not enough but the return to Melbourne via Bright in the Ovens Valley also gave us an off season treat. In Mytleford, the ripe cherries were being harvested and we staggered home with kilos of ridiculously cheap, lush red fruit to give to our city friends.

Staying in a ski resort in summer is perfect – you have to try it!


Wyndham Timeshare Owner

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Postcard From Wanaka NZ

Postcard of our recent ski trip to Wyndham Wanaka (NZ):

Wanaka postcard - WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham timeshare


Wyndham timeshare Owner since 2007

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An Avid Skier’s First Holiday to the USA!

skierI have been an Owner since 2008 and have had fantastic stays at Golden Beach, Port Douglas,  Ballarat and Sydney, but as an avid skier, this is about my holiday to WorldMark Steamboat Springs Colorado Feb 4 – 13 2010, my first USA resort stay. Continue reading

Sunset over Lake Wanaka – Owner Pic of the Week

sunset over Lake Wanaka

(click to enlarge)

This photo was taken on our recent holiday to WorldMark South Pacific Wanaka in August 2011.

Sunset over Lake Wanaka. Every time we see this photo we just want to come back! Continue reading

My first real attempt to ski – at age 52

Skiing at Cardrona, Wyndham WanakaWhich WorldMark Resort to choose? They are all so great and consistent in their quality and service. Last stay was Wanaka NZ South Island for a week ski trip: my first real attempt to ski at age 52.

Lovely cosy  apartment I shared with my daughter, her partner and my son. At the end of a cold day on the slopes at Cardrona we returned to a warm room, numbing  (in the good sense) Scotch, a hot tub float to unkink all the sore muscles and a rejuvenating meal. Very comfortable and satisfying. Continue reading

Most Memorable Holiday with WorldMark

Just to say most memorable, where do we start? Alison and I saw the benefit in timeshare some time ago and decided right then that we would use our points, saved over every few years for overseas destinations, none of which we had ever done before.

We now find it hard to pinpoint one special place but probably my most memorable would certainly be WorldMark Wolf Creek, Utah which we did in December 2010.

Eden township, near the Resort, is so beautiful in winter, and Ogden Valley has so much to offer.

The drive through the awesome Ogden Canyon is inspiring, as rapids roll by on the river beside the roadway, waterfalls thunder onto granite surfaces, then the valley opens out to lake and mountain views that you only dream of. Continue reading

Heliskiing Honeymoon in Wanaka

As my now-husband and I met working in the Victorian ski fields together, became engaged on a skiing holiday in North America and got married on a day when it snowed on a nearby hill, it was fitting that when we rang Wyndham to book our honeymoon they could accommodate a 7 night stay for us in Wanaka, NZ during the school holidays.

We landed in Christchurch and caught up with a friend who showed us much of the devastation caused there by the 3 large earthquakes over the past 12 months. It was terrible to see how many houses and buildings had been destroyed or damaged and our thoughts are with the citizens all battling forward to rebuild their city. Continue reading