A Big Holiday in USA!

Union Square, San Francisco

Union Square, San Francisco

Patty and I had the honour of being invited to a wedding in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA in September 2012.  It seemed a shame to only go for the wedding.  So, using our Wyndham Credits to assist, we made a big holiday of our visit to the USA.  Continue reading

Holiday of a Lifetime to the US and Canada

I have been a member of WorldMark since 2009 and have had a few very nice holidays at Flynns, Kirra and Golden Beach resorts however I wanted more from my membership and so accumulated some credits and earlier this year took my wife and two daughters to the US and Canada for two weeks staying in WorldMark properties in 5 US cities on the west coast. All I can say is WOW. Continue reading

Trolleys, Trams and Giant Stingrays!

Thank you WorldMark, Wyndham and RCI. Planning a three months odyssey across the USA and the Caribbean was made so much easier thanks to your wonderful consultants!

After an online Owners’ workshop, I was guided through the website for WorldMark SF in San Francisco and within minutes we were booked in for the dates we wanted. Continue reading

American Honeymoon

My husband and I, after getting married in January, took our honeymoon to the United States over three weeks in February.  Both my husband and I are WorldMark members separately (from before we met), and so had enough Credits to book a significant portion of our holiday over there.  Our itinerary included New York, New Orleans, San Francisco, Pismo Beach, Los Angelas, Las Vegas, and Flagstaff.

Continue reading