Beautiful Ballarat at Dusk!

This beautiful picture was captured at dusk and taken at WorldMark Resort Ballarat (VIC) during our weekend away for the Anzac holiday break. We enjoyed our relaxing stay here and will be back again for another stay.

Ballarat, Victoria

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Surprise at Sydney!

On Pacific Jewel cruise

On Pacific Jewel after leaving Wydnham Sydney…just a short cab ride to the cruise terminal. Great idea to use Worldmark Sydney as a base before and after cruises!

Gold Coast WorldMark South Pacific Club Owners Barb and Lindsay are surprised by fellow Gold Coast WorldMark South Pacific Club Owners, Bernadette and David, and guest Jillie at Worldmark Wyndham Sydney in July 2012.

And what a surprise it was! We were staying for several days at Wyndham Sydney in order to farewell our daughter and son in law on their move to London.

All four of us were accommodated very comfortably in one of the lovely resort rooms. We were then to go on a South Pacific cruise to cheer us up!! Continue reading

Changing How We Holiday

I would like to tell our story as it started 9 years ago when we joined.

My husband and I went to Denarau for the 6th time last August. This time we were on our own as my 18 year old daughter stayed home.

It was so strange having our first holiday with no children to look after and it took a little while to get into the swing of things, that is basically doing nothing just relaxing and reading. My daughter was 9 years old the first time we went and we met a great group of friends and their kids each year.  Continue reading

Words cannot describe

As I live in Canberra Australia and my two older sisters live in Auckland New Zealand and my brother currently in Turangai, I decided to surprise them and have us all stay at the beautiful WorldMark resort at Rotorua NZ.

I have been an Owner since 2008 and have stayed at a number of resorts in Australia and Paihia North Island NZ but the Rotorua Resort is one of my favourite ones. Continue reading

Reassurance when we needed it

Our June long weekend visit to Tasmania was planned to conclude with a decadent visit to the previously untried Seven Mile Beach property just out of Hobart. We thought that it would tick most of the boxes for us – plenty of onsite activities for active boys, easy access to the beach and Hobart, good kitchen facilities and a luxurious environment. Continue reading

A wonderful world with WorldMark

Bree & Ash


My story begins in 2010, with my stepson deciding on a family holiday rather than a party for his 21st birthday in February 2011.

What a brilliant idea!

My husband and I had already stayed at Worldmark on Denarau Island, Fiji  twice before; firstly in 2007 when Brendan proposed to me, then in 2009 for our honeymoon. Our third time was now set for February 2011 for Ashley’s 21st birthday family holiday.

We booked our flights and accommodation in August last year, and that’s when the reality of going back to this amazing country set in for Brendan and I. For Ashley and Bree the excitement for their first trip overseas began when their passports arrived. The wheels were definitely in motion. Continue reading

Our Wyndham Denarau Family


I wanted to take the opportunity to tell our family story and what the opportunity to be Wyndham owners has meant to us…

Wyndham Denarau has become our family’s second home and in turn the staff and people of Fiji, our extended family.

We are a very close family and every year since my father (Ratu Ian) signed up in 2004 he has encouraged us all to take a family holiday together at Wyndham Denarau.  As a result nearly all of his children are now Owners and they in turn are also bringing their own children to Wyndham to experience the love, energy and family that envelops you as soon as you arrive.
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Seven Mile Beach Experience

Dear Wyndham members!

My family have experienced many amazing and joyful holidays thanks to Wyndham holiday resorts.
From the moment we finish one holiday to the next, we reflect on beautiful memories that our family cherish together. We bring up the photos from holidays on our computer screen to evoke pleasant moments from our holidays and inject positive energy when needed throughout the coming year.

Our last 2011 holiday was in Tasmania.
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Our fantastic membership

Harri at the water park

Phil and I are so excited about our Worldmark South Pacific Club membership and what we’ve been able to do since joining in 2009.

One of the greatest things about our membership is that we can share these fabulous resorts with our adult children and their families building memories as we share holidays together or simply give them a special holiday on their own.

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My cup of tea

There is an old saying, that something or other is not my ‘cup-of-tea’, but this story is about ‘my cup of tea’.

The reason I have titled this “my cup-of-tea” is because one of the reasons I like our WorldMark accommodation is that we have good-sized kitchens.  As I have special dietary requirements, I like to prepare our food when we are on holidays. I love the fact that the kitchens in the units we have stayed in have the basics for my cooking needs.  If there is something extra I need, it is never a problem for the staff to provide me with what I need.  As a cookery author I often need to develop new recipes, even when I am on holidays.  The kitchen facilities at WorldMark resorts allow me to do this. Continue reading