Surprise at Coffs Harbour

My husband, Ross, sister-in-law, Beryl and I were travelling to Brisbane from Newcastle for our daughter’s wedding in September 2009. We decided to break the journey and stay at Coffs Harbour Terraces. Parking is underneath the units and we carted most of our necessary items up to the unit. I discovered that I was missing something and went back down to retrieve it.

I came down the stairs and stepped into the car park but between me and the car was a large diamond python and I backed off quickly! Another visitor hit the concrete floor with his paper and the snake turned left and went between the cars and (I hoped) out into the garden.  Continue reading

A mammoth task

How do you go about booking a holiday when your son, daughter-in-law & 2 grandchildren are going to arrive in our beautiful country all the way from Holland? Not just a normal visit, they want to visit Cairns, the Gold Coast and Port Macquarie before arriving at our house.

I set about the logistics of this mammoth task with both Wyndham’s and RCI’s support. Luckily, Wyndham had informed me that my points were expiring, but that if I transferred them to RCI they would give me an additional 2 years. Continue reading

Travelling by rental car

I am writing to say how much we enjoyed our stay in several properties throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

Originally we had planned, through Kerry Stranger, a great trip using wherever possible Wyndham properties, travelling by rental car all the way from Golden Beach to Adelaide. We planned to cross the Nullabor by Gold Class Rail to Perth then onto Dunsborough for a week then back to Perth and flying back to Brisbane.

This all had to be scrapped as five days after being in Australia I ended up in hospital for eight days…

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The ultimate life saving tool – HOLIDAYS!

I could have kicked myself when I was “talked into” buying Worldmark credits! I spent few nights sleepless, agonizing over the “huge” amount of money that I had just spent. I did not know at that stage that this purchase would help me over one of the most difficult periods in my life.

Things changed very quickly. I was a single Mum, then I was in a relationship and we suffered a very serious financial crash. Depression followed and we sold everything that we owned, except – my WorldMark Credits. Continue reading

Our fantastic membership

Harri at the water park

Phil and I are so excited about our Worldmark South Pacific Club membership and what we’ve been able to do since joining in 2009.

One of the greatest things about our membership is that we can share these fabulous resorts with our adult children and their families building memories as we share holidays together or simply give them a special holiday on their own.

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Finding love in the most unexpected place!

When I joined Worldmark back in 2001 I never knew what it would lead to.  I went on a Club Tour of Tasmania in Feb 2005 with a group of about 30 other owners most of which were couples, but about 7 single people as well including myself.  It was a 9 day tour and on around day 2 I got talking to one of the single men on the tour, also an owner, and we became good friends.  We got quite a bit of teasing from our fellow travellers as it became obvious that our relationship was blossoming. Continue reading

Wildlife with WorldMark

Janet and John in front of a mural at Wauchope

We have recently returned from our trip touring along the Central Coast of NSW.  This included stays at the Worldmark resorts at Port Stephens and Port Macquarie (Flynns Beach) as well as taking advantage of the RCI connection by staying at the Kokora Bay Village resort in Coffs Harbour.  All the accommodation was extremely spacious and comfortable and, although each resort had a different character, they were all great in their own way. The staff at the resorts was particularly friendly and helpful and should be commended on such a positive approach to their jobs.  While in Coffs Harbour, we took the opportunity to view the Worldmark Tree Tops resort. It was fantastic and we know where we will be staying next time we visit that part of the coast!

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91 and still adventurous

Sealed with a kiss

At 91, my father still loves a bit of adventure, holidays and especially animals. When my husband and I booked a unit at Coffs Harbour we decided to book a two bedroom unit and invite my Dad up from Melbourne to join us for the week. He was so excited at the prospect.

The local attractions were many, but one of the highlights for him was the Pet Porpoise Pool. He got kissed by a seal, shook hands with a dolphin, fed a fairy penguin, got drenched by a huge fish, and was chosen to feed the performing dolphins from the stage. He was in his element! Continue reading