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19 thoughts on “Post your story!

  1. Love your blog! Thank you for sharing your experience behind your traveling Dream. Looking forward to more of this. in addition to clothing and other fittings, do you prepare for protection when you are traveling? I think this is important.

  2. We go to Denerau in Fiji every year as we love it- the Fijian people are so friendly and great musicians and singers- we love the 5 pm drinks and singing, dancing Fijians. We also love the atmosphere beach, pools and natural beauty of Fiji.

  3. We went to cairns last week.
    We loved it.
    It was great hospitality,
    Great service
    Staff were friendly and helpful
    Enjoyed a lot.
    Thnks worldmark again.

    Chirag & dipali

    • Hi Chirag, thank you very much for your comment – so glad to hear that you enjoyed your stay in your Club resort in Cairns last week. It’s a beautiful region of the world to visit. Where are you heading to next? Cheers, Ilona

  4. Had a few days at Ramada Caloundra
    Thanks guys great staff and room wonderful place to relax
    And the bonus awesome Thai restaurant on site

    • Hi Alison, so happy to hear that you loved your stay at Ramada Golden Beach in the Sunshine Coast! Thank you very much for your kind words, and we can’t wait to welcome you back again soon! Cheers, Ilona

  5. My husband and 2 boys aged 9yrs and 6yrs stayed at Flynn’s Beach resort at Port Macquarie. We booked the 3 bedroom suite as it was the last one that was available at the time in the 1st week of the April school holidays overlooking the pool and with a large balcony. We used the full facilities of the resort and had made a decision that we were spending the maximum amount of time there. This was our second stay at the resort within a month. The weather was wonderful for the 4 days that we were there. We thought the staff were really wonderful and attentive, organised wonderful activities for the kids which were fabulous and for the adults. We came from Sydney from have 3 weeks of non stop rain to 4 days of wonderful sunny warm weather.

  6. plz read this! don just scan through plz! i am not going to write about my holidays, i have a question. Im little (im 13) and I love to write. im writing a “dramatic” teenage story and I need ideas. Where can I ask? Is this an ideal site to post my story, or should i check somewhere else? If I should check somewhere else, where should I check?
    Thx and plz respond, i would be extremely grateful.

    • Hi Lucia – thanks for your comment!

      This is a blog where WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham Owners can write up their holiday memories & post pictures of resorts they’ve stayed at with the Club.

      If you’re looking for fictional story ideas and help, I’d recommend asking an English teacher at your school to point you in the right direction. Keep writing, and good luck with your story! Ilona.

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  10. We love Cairns,My family of 6,4 children my husband & myself had a wonderfull time at Trinity Links.The apartment was huge,clean & on the bottom floor.(thank goodness because the baby was only 6mths old & carting his belongings was a nightmare)We had a great time.Sadly in May of this year our sons girlfriend passed away unexpectedly in Cairns & we rushed to Cairns to be with our son.My husband rang Worldmark to see if we could get accommodation at Trinity Links for a least 1week.It took 5mins for the helpfull staff to find an apartment for us all,Even though we did not expect to get accommodation on such sort notice we were overwhelmed & relieved to have somewhere to stay while waiting the funeral.I am ever so gratefull we belong to Worldmark,& ever so gratefull we had already experienced the holiday we had 3yrs previously.Thankyou to the staff for making it as comfortable as it was.We’ll be back for another holiday.(We love Cairns)

    • Hi Vivienne, thank you so much for letting us know, & we are glad that we were able to be of some small assistance during such a sad time for your family. If we can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You may also like Port Douglas (an hour’s drive from Cairns) for a day-trip or even to stay at the new resort for a night the next time you visit…

  11. Does it mean that if a story gets published on this blog page, the Wyndham owner of that story automatically gets 10,000 credit points? When and how can one know if he/she has won the 10,000 credits? Unfortunately, I did not find this information anywhere in the Terms and Conditions.

  12. 7 Mile Beach, Tasmania
    With Tasmania’s weather being so unpredictable we decided to take a campervan (across by ferry)for the trip, knowing that I had my worldmark credits to put into the resort is need persisted. And it did – a sudden change in temperature, wind and rain and I looked forward to a warm dry bed and all the conveniences expected at the resort and I wasn’t disappointed- over the road from the beach and not far from Hobart.What a memorable end to amemorable trip!

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