Holiday at Denarau Island

We, Pushpa & Chandrika are owners for more than 15 years. We started with basic package from Parramatta, NSW, Australia.

We had to use our credit wisely to manage our holidays in the early days. As the time passed we had updated our credits to Privileges Elite level in last year at Port Macquarie.

Since then we had numerous holidays had in different places. Wyndham Resort Denarau Island in Fiji was the last one we had. With our checked in time we experienced the very friendly, helpful staff with happy smile all the time. One thing we noticed was their willingness to help us any time.

Apart of the assistance, the resort offered us much anticipated relaxing environment with fantastic activities through-out the day.

We shouldn’t forget to mention the variety of foods they offer to the guests. There are many restaurants to choose with live bands playing in the afternoon.

Even we didn’t want to use the facility, we have noticed closely the child minding service provided by the Wyndham. It is much helpful for the young parents to have much more required relaxation during their holiday. Not only that, the children also actively participated on some daily courses conducted by trained staff.

We have now come to the last night of our stay at Denarau Island. This is our first visit here but certainly not the last.

It is highly recommended our fellow owners to spend some time at this resort. You will find you had paid off for your money.

Kumar and Chandrika,

Wyndham Timeshare Owners

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