52nd Anniversary in Hawaii

For our 52nd wedding anniversary I told my wife I would take her to Hawaii.

Whilst looking for accommodation in Honolulu, I came across place called Wyndham Royal Gardens at Waikiki. A phone call to the office assured me that we can book accommodation at this place using our Wyndham credits.

Doing so straight away had one problem. 1 day in the middle of our 7 day trip, we, it looked like had to sleep one night on the beach as there was no continues vacancy. Booked a wait list and lucky a month later, that missing day became available.

We arrived there on Saturday mid-morning and got a brilliant reception by the people on the front desk. After booking in to a great room at the 14th floor, we then met with Nicole and Aleksey from the Wyndham team. Now what a great team!

These two, extremely friendly and efficient. Organised all our tours, arranged discounts where available and followed up on all our activities.

All other staff at this desk also should be congratulated on their service.

The units are only recently renovated and are spacious and will do any expectation justice.

Trips to Pearl Harbour, a bus trip around the island and a visit to the Polynesian cultural centre are some of the items we would recommend.

Only one downer. We did not like not having a restaurant in house or nearby. 3 blocks away for the nearest place for breakfast, lunch, dinner and bar.

We were lucky to tie up with a privately owned taxi driver who agreed not to use the meter and we did trips with him for 1/2 the price the UBER which we used on our first day. I recommend him to anybody going to Honolulu. His name is Jason and you can contact him on 8082202569.

One more thing which was new to us and only people traveling to the USA, is that you have to tip for any service and they will give you recommendations between 15% and 25%. This applies to all, including the tour bus drivers.

The photo attached is myself with my wife and Nicole & Aleksey from the service desk.

Lyn & Klaus,

Wyndham Timeshare Owners

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  1. Thank you for publishing our little story. I hope other members will get benefit from this. Reg. klaus Wolff >

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