Port Douglas: An Exciting Elopement

When searching through the many resorts available through Wyndham, we decided that Ramada Port Douglas looked like the tropical getaway we were hoping for!  After doing a bit of research it became very clear that this was a prime wedding destination and since we have been together since 1995 and have two beautiful children but have not yet managed to make it down the aisle, we decided that Port Douglas would be the perfect destination to get married.  Not only did it give us the chance to “run away” and elope, it also gave us the opportunity to have a private and personal wedding with our children.

Wedding 1

The resort was amazing – the gardens are like something out of a magazine.  The wedding itself was easy to organise; all it took was the booking of a celebrant, who happened to work at Ramada Port Douglas (thanks Donna from Butterfly Kisses), a wonderful photographer (Maria from Zen Photography), and Melissa Earl from Mermaids Wave Wedding Hair & Make Up to organise our hair and make up – they all did a brilliant job.  Maria, the photographer, and the celebrant’s husband Stephen were even our witnesses!

The day before the wedding we scoped out the beach, as we wanted to get married on the sand at the front of the resort.  Once we had picked a spot all the dots had connected.

On March 21, we were kindly escorted to the beach by Donna’s husband and the ceremony took place.

After the wedding and photos were done and dusted, I decided that it was a bit hot under all the layers I had on and the lagoon pool looked so inviting, so in I went (much to the delight of all of the other resort guests)!

Wedding 2

After removing our wedding attire we were lucky enough to have an Owners’ Meet and Greet held by the resort, so that took care of the celebrations.

Overall it was a wonderful experience we will all never forget!

Rachel & Bevin
Wyndham Timeshare Owners since 2014

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2 thoughts on “Port Douglas: An Exciting Elopement

  1. So beautiful. You seem to have a perfect wedding and of course, the destination that completed everything. Port Douglas is a majestic place to be at.

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