Take a Tryp: Brisbane Grab It

tryp-exterior-heroeditflatPatty and I recently had a three-night stay using a Grab It deal at TRYP, Brisbane. The experience at the hotel was first class.  It started with the very cherry welcome at this boutique hotel reception (not just at booking in but also every time you walk back into the building), followed by being personally escorted to our room where all the facilities of the room were explained to us. The personal handwritten welcome note on the bed (complete with 2 Chupa Chups) was a nice touch, and it was one of the funkiest, freshest rooms I have ever stayed in.

The theme of the building is street art.  It is done very well; not just on the outside walls but when riding in the lift, the back of it is glass, and the art on the brickwork changes.  Each floor seems to have its own theme.  The way it is all done brings a brightness and lightness to the whole atmosphere.  You don’t normally associate hotels with street art, perhaps more should be like that.


The décor in the room is all very modern, appealing and well done.  The mood lighting is a great touch.

The hotel is ideally suited for young couples by being in the centre of the nightclub district of Brisbane. But even us grandparents found things to do around the area and broader city as public transport is close at hand.


Overall, a very enjoyable time and I would even dare say one of the best hotel experiences I have ever had in any country I have been to.

Terry & Patty McCarthy

Owners since 2004

One thought on “Take a Tryp: Brisbane Grab It

  1. You summed up the TRYP experience perfectly. We also found out stay to be pleasant. The staff were so friendly and the use of space very clever. We will definitely go back but next time we will leave the car at home and go by train…Public transport was so convenient

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