Ode to Denarau: Poem by Sujata Roy



In my new bathing suit

Towel hugging at my hips

Tuesday morning on the Fiji coast

I listen to the champagne fizz of the foam

The distant laughter of tourists on kayaks and jet skis

The strum of the ukulele accompanied by local song

Rolling waves kiss my feet

The crabs play hide and seek

Scurrying into the water

Pulling a disappearing act


The warm ocean tugs at my ankles

begging me to come play

I kick at it like a child in a puddle


I feel myself toasting under the sun

The sea is forgiving

As the impressions I left on the shore no longer remain


Remnants of trees that look like they’ve witnessed too much

Driftwood creating whitewashed forts

Protecting the creatures that seek its shelter


The sand between my toes is washed away by the wave that put it there in the first place

I come to a realisation as my mile long stroll comes to an end

I guess I, too, like long walks on the beach


Poem by Sujata Roy, with photography by Hritom Roy – son & daughter of Atrayee and Pavitra

Wyndham Timeshare Owners since 2007

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