Mishaps and Memories: Celebrating the big 50 in Wanaka!

Today I turned 50. I did so with grace and poise! Unfortunately it is not so for my girlfriend, Angela, who coincidentally shares the exact same day and year of birth. Herself and two friends have joined us at Wyndham Wanaka to celebrate this milestone – two 50ths and 46 years of friendship.


Sylvia (left) and Angela (right) celebrating their 50th birthdays in Wanaka

Let’s rewind … we’ve booked into the 4-bedroom presidential apartment – after all we need room to celebrate, and of course, a hot tub! The following days are all about us. We’ve made it this far in life without any mishaps – I’ve spoken too soon, but I’ll get to that.

Our visitors arrive and we decide that photos are in order. But where to go – front desk staff told us of a spot along the lake where the lupins are in full bloom. We head off and of course miss the turn off … too much gossip to catch up on. We just laugh and turn around. And here we are, ready for a photo shoot in the blooms. Oops, we have the tripod but forgot the camera! Too much talking or old age? I’m not telling. My daughter goes back for the missing item and we’re back on track.

Everyone has spread out and they all start jumping up from where they are – what a great photo op, just like a scene from Where’s Wally.  What a lot of fun. Oops, lost sunglasses – once again daughter to the rescue. I don’t know how she did it, but they were found in amongst the blooms nice and safe.

Where's Wally? A picturesque photo shoot amongst the blooms.

Where’s Wally? A picturesque photo shoot amongst the blooms.

Wine, did someone mention wine? And now we get to the mishap. We can walk to Rippon Vineyard from the resort – it’s only 25 minutes along the lakefront. Well some of us walked and others stumbled. Ignore the rumour of me pushing her, it’s simply not true. I really do want to share the limelight with her. I think a brief stop is needed at Edgewater resort. I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not for a drink! We need ice for the injured hand. After a five-minute break it’s onwards and upwards, literally. We’ve got wine to taste.

Rippon Vineyard Wanaka

Rippon Vineyard Wanaka

And it was worth the wait. The view was spectacular. If I had a job here I don’t think anything would ever get done. More bubbles for dinner followed by the mandatory gossip in the hot tub.

The birthday morning finally arrived and, yes, you guessed it, another bottle of bubbles – this one courtesy of the lovely ladies at the front desk who left it in our unit whilst we were out and about.  This day follows like the last – bubbles, eat, talk, bubbles, eat, gossip, cocktail, eat, drink, eat …

Mandatory birthday bubbles, courtesy of the staff at Wyndham Vacation Resorts Wanaka.

Mandatory birthday bubbles, courtesy of the staff at Wyndham Vacation Resorts Wanaka.

Two things we’ve learnt in our combined 100 years – how to have fun and, of course, the show must go on! Even if you have broken your hand in three places and there’s a fracture near the elbow. I think girls’ weekends away have been banned – last time she broke her ankle!

Maybe just a quiet weekend somewhere, the two of us catching up and maybe, just maybe, we’ll forget the wine.


Wyndham Timeshare Owner since 2003

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