California, USA: “A great holiday with some great memories”

It was my husband’s 60th Birthday and the 30th anniversary of when we first met in USA, so to celebrate both occasions we decided on a trip to California, USA. We wanted to restrict it to two weeks so that it would fit in the September school holidays.

We decided on Anaheim due to the theme parks and San Diego because going to the San Diego Zoo was high up on my children’s bucket list.

We stayed at Worldmark Anaheim resort and Wyndham Inn at the Park at San Diego. We only had points to cover one week, but by borrowing on next year’s point we had enough to cover the whole accommodation. September is a good time to go because it is not peak season in USA, however the weather is still warm.

At Anaheim we went to Disneyland for two days and to Universal Studios on one day. The kids loved Disneyland of course. My husband and I really enjoyed Universal Studios, especially the Studio Tour which included a 360-degree 3D show of King Kong versus T-Rex. The special effects show was interesting and the kids loved the animal actors show. The Minions 3D ride was fun and it was so warm that day that the kids walked through the Water Park with their clothes on just to cool down. (Hint: bring swimming costumes for the kids.)

Disneyland Anaheim California


Walking around theme parks all day can get quite tiring, so it was good to include some rest days where we just stayed at the resort and relaxed by the pool. From the roof top of the resort you get a great view of the Disneyland Fireworks (which are only on the weekend during low season).

Anaheim resort is walking distance from the Disney Parks and some great restaurants.

We took the train from Anaheim to San Diego. It was a pleasant train ride that runs along the coast. Not having a car, we used Uber to get around San Diego, which was very convenient and cheaper than using taxis.

San Diego was a pleasant surprise. There is so much to do there that we were not able to fit it all in. We spent two days at the San Diego Zoo because my son wanted to see every animal there and you need two days to see it all. The highlights were the pandas, leopards, tigers and polar bear. The Skyfari was great for a view of the park. We also went to the San Diego Safari Park one day. They had a cheetah run, where you got to see a cheetah run 100 metres in 4.6 seconds.

San Diego Zoo California USA

San Diego Zoo

There are many museums in the Balboa Park area of San Diego. The architecture of the buildings has a Mexican/Spanish influence, with large piazzas. It was a pleasure just walking around and at times it felt like we were in Europe rather than the USA. We went to the San Diego Natural History Museum and the San Diego Museum of Art but there were many more.

San Diego Museum of Art

San Diego Museum of Art

We ran out of time to go to Sea World and LEGOLAND.

Most days there were some treats for the guests (for example cupcakes or popcorn), so we had a movie night by borrowing a DVD and enjoyed the complimentary popcorn. The resort is across the road from a park. One afternoon the children borrowed a soccer ball from reception and played in the park with my husband.

It was a great holiday with some great memories. A must do if you have young children.

Anthonie & Maria

Wyndham Timeshare Owners since 2001

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