“Exploring beautiful Hobart and beyond filled every day with wonder and excitement!”

I have been a Wyndham Owner for 15 years and it has given me a unique privilege to share my holidays with family and friends.

So here we are in Tassie! I invited my friends from Germany and Panama,  Mauricio, Lilia and their baby Elias and Helena to the ‘Apple Isle’. We stayed at the luxurious Wyndham Seven Mile Beach. On entering the 3 bedroom apartment, my friends were so overwhelmed with the palatial size and beautiful interior. Exploring beautiful Hobart and beyond filled every day with wonder and excitement!

Wyndham Seven Mile Beach

Wyndham Seven Mile Beach

We were wind blown and freezing on Mount Wellington but the panoramic view was worth it!

Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington

These beautiful aboriginal words greeted us at the summit at the Mount Wellington Observation Centre.

Kunanyi : The mountain, Mount Wellington 

Milaythina nika milaythina-mana : This is our country 

Waranta palawa, milaythina nika : This country is us and we are this country

Our next stop was Freycinet National Park. The 30 minute trek up to the lookout left us panting and breathless, especially for Mauricio who carried baby Elias in a front pouch.  But it was worth it, the iconic Wineglass Bay shimmered and dazzled us! We did another trek to the lighthouse lookout and we were so lucky to spot a whale frolicking in the blue Tasman Sea!

Whales- Tasman Sea

Whales- Tasman Sea

There were many short walks and secret bays to discover in the Freycinet National Park.  Sleepy Bay is a hidden gem and a photographer’s delight with flame coloured rocks and giant boulders . One of them looked like a giant cubby hole!

We definitely did not want to miss the largest outdoor market in the Southern Hemisphere. The Salamanca Market in Hobart was alive with creative artisans, talented musicians and fresh produce. We had a fantastic Saturday morning shopping and feasting on Tassie delights!

The Salamanca Market

The Salamanca Market

Thank you Wyndham for the opportunity to share this fantastic Tassie getaway with my friends. Time to plan the next holiday!

Luan & Wayne, 

Wyndham timeshare Owners since 2001

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One thought on ““Exploring beautiful Hobart and beyond filled every day with wonder and excitement!”

  1. last year in march we had a wonderful time at kirra beach where while we celebrate our 14 th wedding anniversary with a climb up the Q1 observation deck great hoilday

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