“Truly a Fabulous Trip” – 3 Resort Stays

This story is a little different to others I have read in Destinations magazine.  They generally started with a flight or a weekend road trip.  This one starts with a plan to spend 7 weeks camping the East Coast of Australia with 2 kids, travelling from Townsville (Far North QLD) to Melbourne (VIC) then taking in Tassie for good measure.

We decided to break the trip up along the way by staying at a few of our Wyndham resorts to recharge & take a break from the everyday fun of setting up & packing up camp.  In hindsight, that was a fabulous decision!

WorldMark Resort Ballarat grounds

Our daughters Ryder 10 and Brooke 9 posing in the beautiful hotel grounds at WorldMark Resort Ballarat

Our first resort stay was a full 3 weeks into the trip after a night camping in the rain at Port Arthur. We arrived at Wyndham Seven Mile Beach in Hobart just in time for our baby girl’s 9th birthday, and excited at the prospect of a roof and dry beds. We were able to treat the birthday girl to a much-anticipated visit to MONA & of course the Cadbury Factory, not to mention some television, a pool, spa & a games room.  Hobart is such a beautiful city and the accommodation is modern, spacious & private. We were able to unpack our vehicle, re-stock & re-sort which was wonderful. What was nothing short of miraculous however – after lining up at Laundromats with the masses of school holidaymakers while camping – was the use of the washing machine & dryer in our room!

Great Ocean Road, VIC, Australia

Our next ‘luxury’ stay was in the oh so trendy town of Torquay in Victoria. My husband was thrilled to surf Bells Beach even if it was on one of the kids boogie boards. Our Wyndham Torquay  accommodation was literally over the road from the main beach and the rooms were amazing, so stylish and again spacious and modern with every appliance at our fingertips. The enormous pool area with a bar nearby was the perfect setting to catch up with a few relatives from the area, and the staff were very friendly and accommodating.

WorldMark Resort Ballarat lake

Our daughters Ryder 10 and Brooke 9 on the grounds at WorldMark Resort Ballarat

The last and, in some ways, the best of our Wyndham resort stays was in WorldMark Resort Ballarat in Victoria. What a location! The historical buildings and beautifully manicured grounds are a delight to explore. The paddle boats on the picturesque lake kept the kids happy, while we made use of the convenient BBQ facilities. The staff were unrivalled in their helpfulness. Our children love museums and I think that the Museum of Australian Democracy on the site of the Eureka Stockade was their all-time favourite. It is fabulously interactive, affordable and offers a wealth of information, first person narratives and of course the opportunity to view the famous flag itself.

WorldMark Resort Ballarat grounds

Our three resort stays left us all with standout memories of what was truly a fabulous trip.

Carly & Adrian, 

Wyndham timeshare Owners since 2013

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One thought on ““Truly a Fabulous Trip” – 3 Resort Stays

  1. Having recently upgraded to Diamond, Torquay has turned out as the place to be only 1.5 hours from home. We go there at least 3 times a year and so close to the beach. Believe it or not my wife and I travel to the warmer climates off season to avoid the Melbourne (Victoria) cold however visiting Torquay on the cooler to cold times is such a buzz being able to get to some many popular tourist locations and hunkering down back at Wyndham if it just gets to cold. When we ask ourselves what would be like to do, the answer is lets go to Wyndham Torquay, is our home away from home and such a beautiful place.

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