“The Dream Came True” – Luxury Southern Africa Club Tour

I would like to share a brief story about our recent Luxury Southern Africa Club Tour. This story doesn’t do justice to what we saw and did in the three weeks away; it’s just snapshot.

Going to South Africa was the only trip I really wanted to do ever since I was a little girl and in October 2015, Travel Club by Wyndham made this happen for me and my husband, Brian.

Elephants at Chobe National Park, South Africa

After 14 months of anticipation the dream came true. Plus this was our delayed honeymoon.

Starting off from Brisbane, we met some of our tour group and the rest joined us in Perth. What a great bunch they turned out to be.

Our first stop at The Royal Livingstone was the perfect introduction as a graceful giraffe greeted us on the drive into the lodge. Zebra roamed the lawns daily and hippopotamuses could be just sighted in the Zambezi River with “the smoke that thunders” seen in the distance.  To be so spoiled by the staff, the food was amazing and for me this was heaven!

Onwards to Chobe Game Lodge. A truly awesome sight during one of the river safaris was to see nearly one hundred elephant of all ages and sizes drinking and playing on the river edge. We saw lions chase down and catch their evening meal, giraffes, how beautiful and graceful, and what amazing eyes. To see these most incredible creatures in their natural environment so close to our vehicles was breathtaking.

On the move again to Kruger, this time staying at Kings Camp, a smaller private lodge. Again spoiled for choice of what to see. Luckily, we saw two of the four surviving white lions in a pride, including cubs of about 4 months old. Brian wouldn’t let me take one home! We saw a beautiful male lion with the wind in his mane sit and watch us as we watched him, and he posed so beautifully for us to photograph.

It was baby season, with rhino and baby, elephant and babies, young giraffe; we really had to be blessed to see them so close. A sighting of a leopard at sunset was the perfect end to the day.

And of course the sunset drinks before the end of safari was a welcome break.

Moving on again to SabiSabi, still in Kruger, and saw much more of the beautiful and amazing creatures. Nothing I can put into words will ever recreate what we saw on this tour. The food was so delicious and the staff truly attentive. During this stay, we travelled into a local village that is supported by SabiSabi, and visited the local church service and medicine woman. The local village ladies performed singing and dancing, and then invited us to purchase from the local market stalls.

Time now to move on from the national parks, although I could have stayed forever.

Knysna was calling and rightly so. This was a beautiful town situated on the east coast along the garden route; such a contrast in the landscape to what we had just left behind. Lush green pastures and rolling hills with beautiful beaches.

A day trip to the cat sanctuary allowed us to see our only cheetah, a number of wild cats, plus an albino lion.

Travelling along the garden route onto Franschhoek and the wineries of the Western Cape region. A tour of the local wineries and again being spoiled by the staff at the Le Franschhoek Hotel made the end part of this trip so amazing.

Cape Town and the Victoria and Alfred were our final stop. Table Mountain covered in rolling clouds, seals in the harbour, a day at the local races, and to experience one freezing windy wet day was all part of the experience. On our final night, The Gold restaurant was something to be seen and experienced to be believed. We learned drumming, were entertained by dancers and puppets, plus indulged in a 14-course dinner.

Back to Johannesburg and onto home.

I could go on forever about this amazing trip of a lifetime.

Thank you Wyndham and especially thanks to my lovely husband. We both thoroughly enjoyed this holiday, and the folk who joined this tour and our escort guide also made the trip so very special.


Wyndham timeshare Owner since 2001

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