3 Sensational Photos Of Victoria

These are photos from our recent WorldMark South Pacific Club holiday at Wyndham Torquay (VIC) and Wyndham Hotel Melbourne (VIC).

Gibson Steps, Victoria

Taken 17 Dec 2015 around 1:30pm at the bottom of Gibson Steps (on our way to the 12 Apostles). Thought of taking this shot of my daughter having a grand time.


Wyndham Torquay beachfront

Taken 18 Dec 2015 around 8:30am near the beach front of Wyndham Torquay. I was taking a morning leisurely stroll when I noticed a jogger from afar. Took the shot with the sun behind.

Melbourne Star

Taken 22 Dec 2015 around 1:20pm while on the Melbourne Star. Was enjoying the ride and admiring the Melbourne cityscape from above – so tried to capture both with this shot.

Orencio & Clarissa, 

Wyndham timeshare Owners since 2014

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What was your experience?

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