“My Dad’s Surprise 70th In Fiji!”

As I approach my 12th Wyndham anniversary I look back on all of the memories I can thank Wyndham for.

In February 2004, I bought my first 6,000 Credits when my eldest children were just one and three years of age. Since then, my husband and I have become Privileges Platinum members and our family has grown to four children, ranging in ages from 15 to one year of age.

Being a member of Wyndham has not only benefited us, but, as a homestay family, it has also been a great way for our international students to experience Australia. One of our Japanese students even came with us to Fiji!

Fiji mud pools

Covered in mud at the Fiji mud pools!

We have been to many Wyndham resorts over the years, but our favourite resort is Wyndham Kirra Beach (Gold Coast, QLD) as it is only a three and a half hour drive from home. Over the past 12 years, we have had around 35 bookings. For us, it has become another home 🙂 Even though we have the beach at home in Coffs Harbour, there’s nothing like a break away from home.

We have been able to share our holidays with many family members and friends but I think our most memorable was the surprise 70th we organised for my Dad in Fiji in July 2014, where 40 family and friends enjoyed a fantastic week together at Wyndham Resort Denarau Island.

Wyndham Resort Denarau Island in Fiji - 3 Bedroom Presidential apartment

The amazing 3 bedroom Presidential apartment at Wyndham Resort Denarau Island in Fiji; a lot of us making plans for the week ahead.

The planning started around January 2013 where it was just an idea to send Dad there for his 70th birthday with my mum, handicapped brother and 3 other family members. Then we thought we would go as well and surprise him, along with my other brother and his wife and 2 kids. This idea grew to include aunts, uncles, cousins and friends, to a party of 40 who all saw it as a great opportunity to go to a great location and catch up with family and friends we don’t see often enough.

After 18 months of planning (and keeping secrets from my dad as well, as the birth of our beautiful little Kalani!) the day of the surprise arrived. My parents were leaving from Sydney airport as part of the 21 people flying from Sydney. Up until they were ready to board the plane my dad thought he was only going with 6 people, when 15 family members surprised him! He was speechless and said he couldn’t wait to get home and tell me about when he returned the following week. What he didn’t know was that we (19 of us including our 4 month old baby) were at Brisbane airport waiting to board our plane.

Sydney Airport holiday

Dad at the airport with my mum, brother and cousin. He has no idea about the surprise ahead. Mum was so excited and found it so hard to keep the secret for so long.

Brisbane airport holiday departure

Ready to depart from Brisbane airport – and Dad is thinking we’re still in Coffs Harbour!

About 5 hours later at Nadi airport, Dad was thinking they were waiting for their transfers to Denarau Island – then we arrived. For the first time I can recall – my Dad was speechless!!!!! He was not expecting to see the rest of his children and grandchildren in the airport with him. He was overwhelmed and emotional and it made all the planning and organising worthwhile.

There were so many highlights for the week, some of these included:

  • Our first 2 nights were in the new 3-Bedroom Presidential apartment – what an amazing room! Was a great location for us all to get together to arrange the plans for the coming week.
3-Bedroom Presidential at Wyndham Resort Denarau Island

3-Bedroom Presidential at Wyndham Resort Denarau Island

  • Birthday dinner at Mamacita, the Mexican restaurant at Wyndham Resort Denarau Island – dinner was lovely and the Fijian dancers were great with some of us joining in.
Fijian cultural dancers at Wyndham Resort Denarau Island

Dad with the Fijian dancers after his birthday dinner at Mamacitas restaurant

  • Most of us went on a day cruise with snorkelling, then lunch and relaxing on a small island – as there was so many of us we were the only guests on the boat which was great. The staff on the boat and at the island were awesome. They helped my handicapped brother get in the water for snorkelling, sung songs and played guitar with him and even let him steer the boat! It was a great day filled with fun and laughter.


Fiji day cruise

Our day cruise, so relaxing…

Fiji day cruise

My handicapped brother Brendan and I, catching up on the cruise.


Fiji day cruise staff

The Fijian people on the cruise were great with Brendan, he had such a great day

Fiji day cruise

  • A day trip to a Fijian village, Kava ceremonies, visiting a local school and playing netball with the students (which inspired one of the girls to donate netball equipment to the school), picnic lunch at the Garden of the Sleeping Giant and finished off at the mud pools – was a great day for all. I love the group photo where most of us were covered in mud!


Fijian school

On our day trip, my parents at a Fijian school

Fijian school students

Our Japanese student Erika; she didn’t even know where Fiji was before she came to Australia

Fijian school netball

Netball with some students

Garden of the Sleeping Giant, Fiji

After a picnic and a walk through the gardens at the Garden of the Sleeping Giant

Fiji mud pools

Covered in mud at the mud pools!

  • Beach volleyball games, ball games in the pool, tennis at the golf club down the road – everyone having a great time together.
  • Relaxing by the pool and spa, cocktails from the pool bar while catching up with family and friends – you just can’t beat that. So much better than a dinner out to catch up every few years!
Wyndham Resort Denarau Island Fiji spa

Some of us relaxing in the spa at Wyndham Resort Denarau Island – good thing it was a big one!

The week’s holiday went very quick but it was amazing; it’s such a difference being on holidays with so many friends and family. We all had a great time. My dad was made to feel so special by the lovely resort staff – it was a holiday he will never forget! From the check-in of our 11 rooms to our departure, the staff were fantastic.

Wyndham Resort Denarau Island Fiji staff

Time to leave, Dad with one of the great staff members Shital. Dad was so impressed with his first trip to Fiji, of course he wants to go again!

Without Wyndham, this surprise would not have been possible and we now have another 2 families that are Wyndham Owners as a result of the Fiji trip.

My family, friends and students all have Wyndham to thank for the memories we have been able to share together. Now with our Wyndham Ownership we often holiday with friends and family, and our next major trip to plan is New Zealand in July 2017. So far there are 15 of us, let’s see how big this one becomes 🙂

Timeshare holiday at Wyndham Resort Denarau Island in Fiji

Good size group for a holiday LOL


Wyndham timeshare Owner since 2004

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2 thoughts on ““My Dad’s Surprise 70th In Fiji!”

  1. Bula I’m on Figi time ‘NO HURRY NO WORRY’ celebrated my 70th Birthday in Figi IN Denarau myself and 3 friends in the new apartments with my with our own private swimming pool. when i was 50 i was going to para-sail but it was cancelled due to poor weather and i have regretted not doing it ever since sooooooooooooooo for my 70th i saw it in Figi as booked my self in with one of my friends the others chose to jump out of the aeroplane I am not that game!! My mates were over the moon with the apartment we had they just could not get over how luxurious it is as for me i am used to the beautiful apartments wyndham offer though i had been told by owners/friends the apartments were out of this world so i was expecting the best so i was not disappointed. The pools are cold so that was disappointing but always seen the photo promoting Denarau drinking cocktails in the pool so had to have a photo taken of myself drinking cocktails in the pool so was brave even though the water was cold the cocktails warmed us up. The weather was great it was June so a good time to visit the staff are so friendly helpful and kind its one of my best birthdays ever!!! THANK YOU FIGI AND WYNDHAM. Janet Senior

    • Hi Janet, so happy to hear that you had one of your best birthdays ever at Wyndham Resort Denarau Island – and congratulations on finally going para-sailing 🙂 You’ll have to come back and visit us again soon in the warmer months and get some more photos of cocktails in the pool! Cheers, Ilona

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