“Highlight After Highlight With Travel Club by Wyndham”

In the 8 weeks time that we travelled throughout Europe, I took 8000 photos!!! Yes, 8000. We stayed over 4 weeks in Finland and then almost 4 weeks in Paris – Switzerland – Austria and Italy. So there were lots photo opportunities. It was amazing holiday!

I had my Nikon D3300 and iPhone 6, used both.

Bruano Island, Venice, Italy

Bruano Island, Venice

These photos are from Italy – Burano Island. One night we went there for a dinner. I could not believe how pretty and colourful those buildings were. I have seen all that on pictures and always thinking ‘yes its photoshopped, cannot be real!‘ It is a real! That little place was a gorgeous place, with markets, and real Italian people.

Burano Island, Venice, Italy

Burano Island, Venice

We have been Owners since 2002 but this was our first trip with our own Travel Club by Wyndham. In September 2015, my husband Heikki and I (Margit) travelled on the Jewels of Europe Club Tour.

First, before our Club Tour began with Travel Club, we went to Finland to see our family, friends, and we wanted to go around as tourists; we had an awesome time.

We flew to Paris bit earlier than other group members, wanted to wonder around…Did the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, street coffees, sampled patisseries, croissants and the wine!!! Yum yum…did lots of walking…Lock Bridge I had to leave my mark!

Burano Island, Venice, Italy

Burano Island, Venice

The whole Jewels of Europe Club Tour trip, where ever we went, was highlight after highlight. What an amazing time we had! Well organised, staying in amazing hotels, visited so many fantastic places and beautiful countries.

Especially I loved Italy…the scenery…Tuscany…Venice…Firenze…Sorrento…Positano…Isle of Capri…the people, the architecture and the wine!!!! The whole package…We had awesome travel director Bernie…traveling with a group of awesome people…and Sheree from Wyndham…fun loving, beautiful, gorgeous lady with us. 🙂 🙂

Thank you WorldMark and Travel Club.

Burano Island, Venice, Italy

Burano Island, Venice

Margit & Heikki, 

Wyndham timeshare Owners since 2002

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