2 Nights In The New Wyndham Hotel Melbourne

My husband had a birthday in April and said he wanted to have a couple of nights in the city for his present. We are both retired and on a limited budget so I thought why not use the timeshare. We only have 6,000 Credits in Wyndham, so use it for small midweek breaks usually at the end of another holiday.

Outside Wyndham Hotel Melbourne

David & Glenda out the front of Wyndham Hotel Melbourne

We live in the outer East of Melbourne so we are familiar with the city. For a couple of months before I kept my eye out for good dinner deals on Groupon and managed one dinner at Docklands and another in South Yarra. Parking would have cost $30 per day and seeing we did not need the car we used the train. We alighted at Flagstaff Station and it was a block and a half to Wyndham Hotel Melbourne (VIC). Note Flagstaff Station is not open at weekends.

We were on the 3rd floor, the floors above 4th are not operated by Wyndham, with the gym and pool facilities being shared with those permanent tenants. Lifts open both ways servicing both lots of tenants.

We booked a Studio apartment and took our own breakfast goodies. The studio was spacious with a balcony overlooking a laneway with eateries and offices above. Staff were very helpful and presented us with a bottle of wine, not sure if it was for his birthday or for some other reason.

We checked out the gym which we used both days and the pool. My husband is a lap swimmer and decided it was too short (about 20m) to do that. It did have lovely view from that area especially at night. Even though there is a lot of construction happening in that area we heard very little so am guessing it is all double glazed. This area is the Law district so you will see a mixture of the gowned barristers and those involved in the ongoing trials. My husband did see an altercation in the street on one of the mornings when he was heading up to check out the Flagstaff Gardens.

We walked all around the Docklands area close to Etihad Stadium on the way to the restaurant. There are many restaurants to choose from and the place seems to come alive at night. We enjoyed our meal and walked back a different way.

The beds were comfy and all the facilities you needed were there. Microwave, toaster, kettle, hairdryer and ironing facilities. We reported the range hood switch not working and only one battery in the torch (people will pinch anything!) and they were promptly fixed. The bathroom was spacious and there was a big area which we assumed would be used if you wanted to put up the clothes horse with washing. There is a laundry on site. The only disappointing thing was the bathroom lighting above the mirror, looks good but useless to put makeup on.

The next day we spent on a 2 hr trike tour around Melbourne and yes we went to places and suburbs we have never visited around the docks and the bay. It was exhilarating doing 100 kph over the Bolte Bridge on the back of a bike to say the least. I had told my husband we were going on a tour and he expected a minibus but thoroughly enjoyed his surprise. It was followed by lunch in the Woolshed pub in Docklands which was very good and the local drinking place of the motorcycle driver, all included in the price. We had the full gear and headphones so he could talk to us and we could ask questions.

We caught the train out to South Yarra, had dinner and caught the tram back, only one change necessary at Domain Interchange and stopped one block from the hotel.

The following morning I caught up for coffee with a friend whilst my husband visited the Immigration Museum. We left our luggage at Wyndham Hotel Melbourne, collected it and caught the train home.

All in all, a very pleasant couple of days and it wasn’t windy in Docklands (unusual).

There are lots of other things tourists from Interstate or overseas could do from the location and breakfast spots around close by as well as a small supermarket.

The only downside was having to pay for WIFI when all over Europe it is free, it was $5 a day for your room.

Glenda & David, 

Wyndham timeshare Owners since 2008

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