“Phillip Island Is A Must-Go Destination”

When considering becoming a new Club member, one of the fantastic benefits I could see was the chance to arrange family holidays at local and exotic locations.

My first holiday with WorldMark was a great family get-together and my choice was Ramada Phillip Island (VIC).  With three generations of family in attendance and other family dropping in for day trips, this destination hit all the pluses for a family reunion.

The Nobbies, Phillip Island VIC

Three generations at The Nobbies

With a roomy Three-Bedroom Cottage, nestled in 65 acres of land and an abundance of bird and wildlife; the location is perfect for relaxation and a must for birdwatchers.

With the town of Cowes just a hop up the road, the beach location provides another aspect for strolling and catching the sea air.

A short tour in the car, you can gain access to the whole island, with The Nobbies a fantastic destination to view the birds nesting and the rough sea elements; and the Phillip Island Penguins are a fascinating delight.

If you are looking for an all in one package, Ramada Phillip Island is definitely a must-go location.


Wyndham timeshare Owner since 2013

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