Mother’s Day In Melbourne

Devlin, our Duty Manager at Wyndham Hotel Melbourne, shared this Mother’s Day story:

I had the fortunate pleasure of meeting the Gleeson family on their most recent trip to the newly opened Wyndham Hotel Melbourne (VIC).  Normally the family books a hotel room at Crown Casino to all come together to share Mother’s Day and celebrate Michelle’s Birthday.

When the Gleeson family found out that Wyndham Hotel Melbourne was open, they booked the 3-Bedroom Grand apartment for the occasion.

After chatting with Michelle I realised that there were 4 generations under one room sharing in the Mother’s Day celebrations.  I was so surprised and excited (possibly a little too excited) that I immediately offered to come up and take a photo for them so that they could have it for the album.  Michelle was a bit hesitant at first saying that they would all be in their pyjamas.  I jokingly said are they all wearing snuggies and Michelle replied yes. That was it, we had to capture this moment and Michelle said she would go up and speak to the rest of the gang.

Moments later I got a call and Michelle invited me up to take the family photo:

Mother's Day celebration at Wyndham Hotel Melbourne

Introducing Iris (mum), Marilyn (daughter), Michelle (granddaughter) and Arabella (great granddaughter)

Duty Manager at Wyndham Hotel Melbourne Devlin on behalf of the Gleeson family,

Wyndham timeshare Owners since 2003

What was your experience?

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