A ‘Grab It!’ Deal Success at Phillip Island

We experienced our first ‘Grab It!’ deal this week – a mini vacation to Ramada Phillip Island (VIC) and had a fabulous time away.  I had read mixed reviews about this resort so we lowered our expectations and chose to focus on things we can experience in and around Phillip Island.  We should not have been concerned when it came to the standard of the accommodation – I am pleased to report that my husband and I were more than pleasantly surprised at the quality, cleanliness and decor of our 2-bedroom cottage.

Churchill Island Heritage Farm, Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia

The autumn weather was in full force during our stay but that didn’t stop us from rugging up and getting outdoors.  Day 1 we went to Nobbies View – such a stunning coastline – unfortunately it was a bit too blustery to walk the boardwalk – instead we retreated to the Information Centre where our daughters enjoyed learning about the seals and deep sea life.

After some morning tea at the centre we stopped by the Penguin Parade to buy our 3-day park pass (visitphillipisland.com for discount entry until 30.6.15) then headed back to the resort for the afternoon. My husband and daughters enjoyed the indoor lap pool/spa – they happily swam until it was time to get ready for the Penguin Parade.  Staff at the Penguin Centre recommend to arrive an hour before the penguins start coming ashore – so for us that meant we had to head there just on 5pm.

Penguin Parade, Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia

We were not disappointed – despite the cold and a few spells of rain, our girls were mesmerised by the sights and sounds of the penguins making their way home to their burrows.

Day 2 we made our way to the Koala Conservation Centre – a lovely nature reserve with a number of walks and opportunity to see some koalas and wallabies. It’s amazing how high up on those gum trees the koalas climb to rest!

Our next stop was Pannys Chocolate Factory – the weather was perfect to step inside the rich world of chocolate and enjoy a hot chocolate and bite to eat.

Cow milking at Churchill Island Heritage Farm, Phillip Island


The final stop for Day 2 was Churchill Island Heritage Farm.  A stunning property on glorious historical grounds. Our eldest daughter tried her hand at milking Buttercup – a big jersey cow!  We saw a sheep shearing demonstration, watched a working farm dog round up a small herd of sheep and learnt how to crack a whip.

After the farm it was back to the resort and into the lap pool/spa again – of course!

We really had such a wonderful family break, without the ‘Grab It!’ deal we would never have thought to take a mini-escape down there and we are so glad we did!

Thank you Wyndham.

Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia

Aaron & Rochelle, 

Wyndham timeshare Owners since 2014

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