A Birthday Party at Golden Beach

Wyndham timeshare Owner Janet has created the below write-up of her grandson’s birthday party at WorldMark Resort Golden Beach.

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Birthday at WorldMark Resort Golden Beach

The above holiday story says: 

Birthday parties can be fun and a lot of stress, but one of the best parties we celebrated was for our grandson’s 8th birthday. Jacob wanted a fishing party. He rang Grandad and together they put a plan into action.

First, book a unit at Golden Beach Resort – the centre of so much family fun since we joined Worldmark in 2001. The boys had been talking at school and worked out who had fishing rods and Grandad was asked to bring the extras. Nana booked a unit which meant we had access to the fridge. Grandad and Nana were up early the day of the party and dug the yabbies. The weather was perfect. If you haven’t been to Golden Beach Resort, you are in for a treat. The views are forever changing: at high tide Pumicestone Passage is full of water: at low tide, the sand banks appear.

Everything was working in our favour and by 10.00 a.m. when the boys arrived we had the party set up at the Council BBQ under-cover area on the waterfront. Grandad had the yabbies, fishing rods, life jackets and the tinnie. As the boys arrived, they were shuttled over to the sand bank with their dads and started fishing. Not too many fish were caught, but it was a lot of fun trying to pick up yabbies without getting bitten; having races on the sand bank and just going for a short ride in the little boat. While dad cooked the sausage sizzle, Uncle Jamie played water cricket; when he hit the ball into the water the boys tried to catch it. Lots of laughter. After lunch and the birthday cake, the guests went home and we went back to the unit. Nana (that’s me) has a rule that whenever she stays at Golden Beach Resort she has to go down the slide 5 times a day, so down to the pool we went. Jacob and the family stayed the night.

What could be better!


Wyndham timeshare Owner since 2001

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