“USA all the way!!”

Disney World | WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham

Disney World

It’s been two sleeps in my own bed and two days of washing and unpacking. What I am unfolding is not just a piece of clothing that holds a faint odour of ‘suitcase’, but also holds the memory of a recent experience that I shared with my family of a wonderful trip around the USA. It was five week marathon that was designed to be ‘the’ once-in-a-lifetime holiday for our family to enjoy before the children grow up and get parentitis, or we grow up and get dodgy knees!

The destination, USA, a choice made predominantly on the fact that we had a Wyndham membership that could be used to cut down the costs of accommodation. Besides, USA is also the home of Disney World, corn dogs and Friends isn’t it? In actual fact, the Wyndham membership was purchased three years ago with the specific plan for this holiday (and many more) in mind. It did not disappoint!

My children, aged 9 and 12, my husband and I had a vague idea of what we wanted to do, had pre-booked a couple of places, and then worked out the rest on the road (3200 miles of road to be exact!).

It started at San Francisco, where we cycled the bridge, visited Alcatraz and acclimatised to the quirky ways of the American food, currency and traffic, each night collapsing in a centrally located Wyndham Hotel.

San Francisco | WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco


Then we were off on a long drive to Las Vegas, the city of lights, the Grand Canyon and all things crazy! Though we were in the middle of a heatwave, our amazing 2 bedroom unit and choice of 3 swimming pools kept us cool and calm, and where we experienced our first ever lazy river! In fact we enjoyed the hotel so much, we extended our stay by an extra night!

Next stop was LA, visiting the standard tourist haunts of Rodeo Drive, the Hollywood sign and Universal Studios backlot, then, onto San Diego where a day trip to Mexico helped to add another dimension to our already growing list of fantastic experiences.

On the set of Friends | WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham

On the set of Friends

Mexico markets | WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham

Mexico markets

When we boarded the plane to head across the country to Orlando, the kids started to get really excited, because here, we were planning several days of theme park fun! Our stay once again did not disappoint! Between Disney World and Universal Studios we all became kids and played in the thrills of Harry Potter, Frozen and Transformers to name a few favourites. Each day our exhausted family retired to the most amazing hotel, to relax in the three bedroom full kitchen apartment on massive grounds and its very own water park! Yes, once again we had discovered a

Wyndham property that far exceeded any expectation. You know you have nice accommodation when you start taking pictures of the bedrooms!

3D rides at Universal Studios

3D rides were fun!

Amazing accommodation for a kids room

Amazing accommodation for a kids room

Yet again, we extended our stay, so to be able to enjoy the facilities of our hotel a bit more, before hitting the road up the East Coast of US towards Washington. A brief stop at Williamsburg to soak up the history, and then onto Washington, which we all loved because it was so clean and had interesting architecture (besides the obvious white house of course).

Niagara Falls | WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham

Niagara Falls is wet

Times Square, New York | WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham

Times Square, New York

At the risk of rambling, I will conclude my story to describe a flight across the border into Canada to wonder at the magnificence of Niagara Falls and the beautiful landscape of rich autumn colours, to return to the bustle of New York for a few days before flying home to Perth. All in all this holiday was one that took 5 weeks, involved lots of walking, sleeping in very comfortable beds in some very nice properties, and enjoying (well, most of the time) the company of us!


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