“Celebrating my 60th Birthday in Fiji!”

Sigatoka River Safari, Fiji | WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham

L-R: Shane, Jody, Peter, Jennifer, Candace and Tiffany in the front, with Captain Freddy on Sigatoka River Safari, Fiji

We recently holidayed at Wyndham Resort Denarau Island in August for my 60th Birthday.

We took another family who are not Owners as yet, to share the wonderful experience we have enjoyed with our Ownership over the last 11 years.

One of our day trips was the “Sigatoka River Safari”, this is the photo taken with Captain Freddy.

The other family is the “Carters”, Shane, Jody, Candace and Tiffany. We also celebrated Jody’s 40th Birthday and Candace’s 21st Birthday.

This trip we also upgraded to Privileges Elite Platinum, we did this because of the personal touch shown to us by Sheik and Lo in Sales. Plus we want to all come over more often to beautiful FIJI.

This was our 4th trip to Wyndham Resort Denarau Island.

Peter & Jennie, 

WorldMarkSP Owners since 2003

Want to holiday like a pro?

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