Ted’s Tassie Trip

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Wineglass Bay – Happy and healthy again (Kelly and Ted)

The three of us get to Tullarmarine Airport with plenty of time to spare – all good so far. Join the endless check-in queue and master the machine that disgorges our boarding passes. Join the next queue (which is as long as a bad movie) and check in our luggage. Still time to spare so we have a cuppa and a snack.

Head off to Gate 26 and wait to board. Ted is looking a little pale so sits on the floor (the only “seat” available). The plane is a little late but nothing to worry about. Wait for the queue to lessen and then join the end. Talkative Ted is now silent, the pale merging to grey! He disappears around the corner.

Ted is looking a little pale

Ted is looking a little pale

Can the boarding staff hang on for 2 minutes – he is feeling a lot better now. Not likely! He most certainly has some horrendous, contagious, incurable disease! Our checked-in luggage will be off-loaded (to where I wonder). I feel the angst of the boarded passengers waiting, waiting, waiting, while someone finds our luggage.

We trek back in search of the Doctor’s office which we have been told is next to the pharmacy. Here is where we hope to get a clearance and join the next flight. Alas, we find our selves at the wrong pharmacy – we need the one on the next level. Feeble legs make the journey to the next level, find the relevant spot and wait patiently (kind of).

Kelly and I go in search of the luggage. We eventually reunite with our luggage and Ted who now holds the required doctor’s clearance. And no, he doesn’t have any horrendous, contagious, incurable disease – maybe just a touch of anxiety!

Encourage the feeble legs to visit the Service Desk desperately hoping they have three seats left on the next plane which appears to be fast-filling up with happy, health holiday makers. Ted and his feeble legs find a seat and wait for the outcome.

Good news! We have three boarding passes.  Stumble to Gate 27 and wait again. Find a seat this time and wait again for the queue to subside. Step onto the tarmac and see all those steps. Will he make it? I start counting 1, 2, 3, 4 ……………..18 – Yes he makes it. He sits on the aisle seat still looking a little fragile.

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

A new friend at Wineglass Bay

The Blowhole, Tasmania

Yummy berries at The Blowhole (Ted and Lex)


Arrive at Seven Mile Beach Resort to friendly, happy, healthy staff, but now I worry that he won’t make the considerable walk to our unit. Worry no more – the nice Wyndham man puts our luggage and us in his golf cart and delivers us safely to the door of our fabulous accommodation.

The best bit? There, in a beautifully appointed, clean bathroom is a real bath! The near frozen Ted slips into a luxuriously warm tub and soothes his weary, anxious body!

More bliss! A huge, comfy bed. Slide in between freshly laundered sheets and sleep off the nightmare.

Thank you wonderful, welcoming, Wyndham – so very pleased to know you!

PS Our week in Tassie was wonderful and the beach across the road was perfect for unwinding.

Thanks again from Ted, Lex and Kelly

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