Our Wedding Anniversary in Fiji – 22 November 2013

040Hard to believe it was exactly 13 years ago that we set foot on Fijian soil as brand new Wyndham Owners, staying at WorldMark Resort Denarau Island.  We decided to elope and have our wedding ceremony on the beach, next to the pool at the resort – just Ray and I, oh and a fantastic English couple, Rob and Ann that we met at the bar earlier in the week.

Hard to believe because so much has happened in our lives in the 13 years – like our two beautiful children, Connor and Ruby. It’s hard to believe because “wow” how much has this resort changed.  Like Ray’s and my bodies, it is about 4 times larger; however it definitely is not looking older like us.

It is hardly recognisable (in a good way).  It certainly has had a face lift – something we should definitely consider.

Just to fill you in – when we got married at the resort in 2000, it had only just been completed, so there was no restaurant, no kids club, no adults’ pool, no activities hut or activities for that matter, and no Karma Club.

There was basically our accommodation and the gorgeous pool with swim-up bar.

For our stay this time (with the kids) we had a 2-Bedroom Deluxe room which was spacious and beautiful.  What we just love about our Wyndham holidays is the genuine feeling of community with the Owners.  No sooner had we dumped our gear in the room, moseyed on up to the pool bar, with the kids jumping in the pool, when we met some great Owners from around Australia, and of course the kids were making friends in the pool.

Wyndham really need to be congratulated on this renovation – it is superb (and I am very fussy). The Wyndham staff were terrific and the kids wanted to stay forever I think.  Sadly all good things have to come to an end.

What a great holiday and anniversary, it really did exceed our expectations.

Hmmmmmm where to next?  Maybe Hawaii and Disneyland.  We will definitely go back to Fiji though – perhaps our 20th Anniversary.  Well that might be a bit too far away.  I think the kids will be nagging us to go back well before then.

Leanne & Raymond, 

WorldMarkSP Owners since 2000

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