A Big Thank You to Wyndham Sydney

Wyndham Sydney

Patty & Stephen having a birthday toast with the gift of flowers and wine

One of our sons, Stephen, lives in Sydney.  As a result, we visit 2 – 3 times a year and always stay at Wyndham Sydney.

Recently, around Patty’s birthday date, we made our latest trip.  When we arrived in our room there was a beautiful arrangement of flowers, plus a bottle of wine.  There was a note with the flowers wishing Patty a happy birthday from Stephen.

When Patty contacted Stephen to thank him, he said the flowers were from him but the bottle of wine was courtesy of the Resort.

Stephen also explained how it came to be.  He contacted the Resort staff and enquired about getting flowers.  The staff at Wyndham Sydney actually ordered the flowers; sent Stephen a photo of them when they arrived; and organised with Stephen for payment.  He was very impressed with the service provided to him.

We, also, are very impressed with the service  and with the lovely gesture of the bottle of wine that went with it.  We always enjoy our stay at the Resort in Sydney, but this time was even more special.

Thank you Wyndham Sydney for great customer service.

Terry & Patty,

WorldMark Owners since 2004

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