Pitcairn Island Odyssey

St Paul's rock pools | WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham

St Paul’s rock pools

Recently my partner (Jan) and I experienced a traveller’s nightmare: the 11th hour cancellation of one pivotal sector of a lengthy and complicated overseas trip! Did the world end? Did we have to cancel everything?  No, thanks to Travel Club by Wyndham and in particular our (long suffering) but supremely professional consultant, Brian.

For most of 2012 we had carefully planned a 7-week journey to Pitcairn Island, home of the Bounty mutineers, via New Zealand, Tahiti and Easter Island.  Our trip was primarily to celebrate a number of 60th birthdays including my own in March 2013.

Travel to Pitcairn Island is difficult because it has no airport and access is both irregular and expensive and only by sea.  Some transpacific cruise ships pass the island on annual voyages but rarely allow passengers to disembark.  Our best travel option was to board the Norwegian cruise liner, “Saga Ruby” for a 3 day passage from Easter Island during its annual visit to the Pacific and Pitcairn Island.

Three weeks before our flights to Easter Island via Tahiti, we were informed that the ‘Saga Ruby’ due to mechanical difficulties, would not be making its annual circumnavigation of the world, the first time in 47 years of doing so!  To say we were devastated would be a gross understatement!

Pitcairn Island | WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham

Pitcairn Island

Brian was able to cancel the Easter Island sector and rebook our flights from Australia to Tahiti.  With assistance from the Pitcairn Island Administration in New Zealand we were given passage on the supply ship “Claymore 2” and after a two night voyage from Mangareva in the outer Gambier Islands we arrived on Pitcairn for a reduced stay but nevertheless the best holiday ever!!

On Pitcairn Island there are no casinos, no restaurants and amusement parks.  With only a small general store and post office and church this was not going to be a typical south sea island vacation.  However for 10 fabulous days we fished and swam daily, played games of tennis and enjoyed cocktails and picnic barbeques and fish and chip nights in some of the most beautiful natural environments on the planet.  We joined in the laid back lifestyle of the 42 permanent residents very quickly and it was just simply fabulous!!  A difficult place to get to: an extremely hard place to leave!

WorldMark Resort Rotorua, New Zealand

WorldMark Resort Rotorua

On our way to Pitcairn via New Zealand, we stayed at the Ramada Paihia and also WorldMark Resort Rotorua where we enjoyed many day excursions in our hire car in that fabulously picturesque country.  Using our ‘Personal Choice’ options, we completed our trip with a relaxed time on Moorea Island at the fabulous InterContinental Resort in French Polynesia.

Thank you everyone at Wyndham for the great services you provide as part of our Ownership.  We have never, ever, not once, regretted joining Wyndham Vacations. Since 2006, we have enjoyed many domestic and international holidays and will continue to do so for years to come.  And yet like many others, our friends cannot see the advantages of this membership but continue to be amazed at the holidays we take!  As Bart Simpson would say, DOH!!!! It’s a no-brainer!


WorldMark Owner since 2006

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