Delights at Ballarat…!

WorldMark Resort Ballarat, Victria

A pic we took of this magnificent building – WorldMark Resort Ballarat

We recently returned to the “magnificent” WorldMark Resort at Ballarat. Having stayed three times prior, we thought we knew what to expect….. you know the normal pleasant arrival procedure and welcoming one gets as a proud Owner!

After a wet trip down from Sydney, we arrived tired and ready to relax at our favourite resort.

Good service is one thing, but we received an exceptional welcome from Nola (Ed: the Resort Manager) and the team, from the minute the front door was opened for us by Lisa with a “BIG” smile and a “welcome back”!!!

Yes, we felt at home……. and so our planned relaxed stay had started.

The thing we like about WorldMark Ballarat is that there is just sooo much to do, whatever your wish, or expectation, young families or recently retired like us.

The surroundings of our resort at Ballarat (you notice ‘our’ resort, we have them all over the world, as we tell anybody who asks), is just one of a kind. From the unique accommodation, down to having all of the fun features, swimming pool, games room, gym, outdoor chess, paddle boats on the lake, bikes to ride, and even down to painted hopscotch on the pavement for the kids (or oldies if you so wish) to enjoy. These are just a few, so only a visit will allow you the experience of a life time.

One could go on, but all the things you read in the travel info on Ballarat are there for you to enjoy, and if you like markets, they have one of the largest we have seen. Plus, within easing driving there are any amount of enjoyable places to visit, or like we did on one day, take a VERY pleasant train trip to Melbourne and enjoy the city and all its features.

Lake on the grounds of WorldMark Resort Ballarat

Just one of the wonderful sunsets we enjoyed at the lake on the grounds of WorldMark Resort Ballarat

As we enjoyed our evening BBQ, overlooking the magnificent lake aspect, this pic shows just one of the wonderful sunsets we enjoyed on this visit.

Then to cap it all off, as we are leaving, we were given a booklet on the history of the resort, which made for wonderful reading, thank you.

So, do we like WorldMark Ballarat…… you betcha!!

Tom & Wendy, 

WorldMark Owners since 2005

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