Four Generations of WorldMark Holidays; a Poem!

WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham Owners

Four generations of the Young Family

The Wyndham experience can be many things to many people, excitement of overseas travel for some or lazy beaches and sparkling oceans for others. Our personal conception of Wyndham has been focused on family holidays, and this year we managed a two week holiday to Kirra Beach for four generations of our family, ages ranging from 4 to 94!

The activities were endless, theme parks, beaches and shopping, we didn’t even have to leave the resort with the kids enjoying the mini golf and swimming pool, whilst the older ones sat around fine tuning our next Wyndham holiday to Seven Mile Beach, Tasmania in December and writing this little poem:

GENERATION FOUR, a Poem by the Young Family

We drove 2 days to Kirra Beach,

all 4 generations had to grit their teeth.

From 4 to 94 our party does span

The oldest is a great great nan,

From the direct route we did not stray,

we just drove and drove all the way.

Kangaroos, wombats and a fox we did see then we sighted Kirra with glee

We had arrived at our holiday destination

The staff greeted us with lots of information

All four generations had come together at last

To plan for the future and reminisce over the past.

We are travelling more and more these days with the assistance of Wyndam showing many ways.

Family Holidays for the future do hold

And would like to see it all before I get to old!

With RCI and ICE on display

Of the Wyndam experience I have much to say

Hop on a plane or drive a car

See exotic places or don’t travel so far

The choices are ours be snow or sun

So get with the program and have some fun

The Young Family, 

WorldMark Owners since 2009

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