Canada & Alaska with Travel Club by Wyndham

Grouse Mountain Helicopter | WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham

Lauri & Geoff

Lauri & Geoff booked a Canada / Alaska trip organised by your exclusive Owners-only travel agency, Travel Club by Wyndham. Here’s an excerpt of the email they sent us when they returned home:

The trip was fantastic. The scenery is wonderful, the people friendly although they had no idea what we were saying. We may all speak English but not the same way.

Vancouver is a vibrant city with lots to see. We went to Granville Island, took a harbour tour, walked Stanley Park and went to Grouse Mountain. While on Grouse Mountain we took a helicopter flight over the region – fantastic.

When we got the Avis desk in Calgary to pick up our first car, the Compact they offered was a Fiat 500. You know the one – about the size of a Mr Bean car. When we informed the attendant that we would be doing some extensive driving, he suggested we upgrade. We agreed and hired a Chevrolet Equinox. Much better.

The resort in Canmore is fantastic. We would love to see it in winter. The drive from Canmore to Jasper and back is very scenic and quite easy to do in one day. Lake Louise is beautiful. Parking in the free areas is difficult as everyone is trying to get in there. We parked in the Fairmont Hotel car park which costs $10.00 and had lunch there. After lunch we took our car park ticket and lunch account to the Concierge. The car park ticket was stamped and the parking fee waived.

When got back to Vancouver Airport it was time to collect our second hire car. This time they had a Hyundai Ascent. We were about to take this car when the attendant offered us an upgrade for $10.00 extra a day. We took the BMW 328i without blinking. What a ride.

The drive from Vancouver to Whistler is also stunning. There is lots to do in and around Whistler – shopping, treks, shopping, mountain
biking, shopping, lots a great restaurants and of course shopping. We went up to Mt. Whistler and took the Peak-to-Peak cableway. We
also went Ziplining. There are so many Australians in Whistler that the locals call it Whistralia.

Victoria is beautiful and quite a change of pace. It is a pity we had such a short stay here. We did get to see the Butchart which are absolutely beautiful.

The cruise was great. Alaska is wonderful and the Hubbard Glacier – awesome. We were told the ship got to within 1 kilometer of the glacier’s face but I think we were closer than that. The blue colour of the ice so intense. I think Alaska needs more jewellery stores. Who am I kidding. They are everywhere and are owned by the cruise companies.

Would we go back? You bet.

Lauri and Geoff,

WorldMark Owners since 2002

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One thought on “Canada & Alaska with Travel Club by Wyndham

  1. Alaska is gorgeous indeed. Hubbard Glacier is definitely a favorite. With all the opportunities to flight-see (a favorite activity, for sure), it’s always hard not to plan the next return trip. (And yes – Alaska could certainly use more jewelry stores! 😉 )

    Glad you enjoyed.

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

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