An Exciting Mid-Air Proposal to Start a Fantastic Holiday at Dunsborough

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse | WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham

The family photo at the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

What a start to a perfect holiday at Wyndham Dunsborough (WA)—a mid-air flight proposal en-route Melbourne to Perth.

We started our long-planned holiday with the family of 4 (self, wife Tina, son Steven, & daughter Sarah) along with my mum (nanna) Jane, boyfriend Fabian & girlfriend Rania. This was a holiday to Perth and then a drive down to Wyndham Dunsborough, in the Margaret River country. We had heard from another Wyndham Owner that this was a great place to go to and stay. Our family have been Owners now for about 5 years, and have thoroughly enjoyed our Ownership in all aspects—–the resorts are great, well planned out, close to shops, attractions, activities, etc; the staff are most welcoming and helpful—always; the benefits of Ownership takes us to various spots not only around Australia, but even overseas. We have had the pleasure of staying at Los Angeles, Cairns, Tasmania, Sydney, Ballarat, Port Macquarie, and now Dunsborough.

We settled into the Jetstar flight from Melbourne to Perth and had reached cruising altitude, when over the intercom we heard the pilot announce that this was a social announcement, and that a passenger on board—Fabian had a special request to make to his girlfriend of 5 years—Sarah Baker!!!! With that Fabian got into the aisle and went down on his knees and holding Sarah’s hand asked her if she would marry him, as he loved her a lot. By now, cameras were out, people were looking over the seats and the sun was shinning over the clouds—-& Sarah was on Cloud 9—literally!!!!! Love was truly in the air!!!!

Sarah was dumbstruck and couldn’t say a word, but with tears streaming down her face, gladly accepted the ring as a token of her acceptance of Fabian’s love. With this there were cheers, clapping and many photos and congratulations from family, passengers and the staff of Jetstar.

We reached Perth on a high, and that night actually stayed over at the Convent of the St Joseph’s sisters in South Perth and were honoured to get a blessing and prayers from the nuns and the priest there at the evening Mass. We thank God for this great opportunity.

Wyndham Resort & Spa Dunsborough | WorldMark South Pacific Club by WYndham

The lovely apartments at Dunsborough – so close to the beach

The next day we took a leisurely drive down to Dunsborough and took in the beautiful sights along the way. When we reached the resort that evening, we were made to feel so welcome and the rooms were ready for us—-a two bedroom apartment and a studio which were booked and kept side by side, making it so convenient for the 7 of us. The beach was just behind the rooms, the shops were a close drive from us, and the attractions we went to were close by too.

Sugarloaf Rock| WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham

Sugarloaf Rock

We got a chance to visit the Caves and see the wonders there, and then also visited the Chocolate Factory & Winery with free chocolate tasting and the opportunity to take gifts back. The kids enjoyed themselves at the pool and we were able to even use the internet facilities provided by the helpful reception staff. We also visited the historical Lighthouse and then the helpful guide there suggested a must see rock formation Sugarloaf Rock, which we visited and were amazed at the scenic views from there of the ocean and beaches around the area.

Wyndham Resort & Spa Dunsborough pool | WorldMark South Pacific Club by WYndham

The swimming pool at Dunsborough

All too soon our 4 nights stay at Dunsborough came to an end. We did get a chance to take a walk down almost 1.8Kms of the wooden Jetty at Busselton, on our way back to Perth. It is the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere, and even has a mini train taking passengers to the end and back!!!

All in all, our visit to Wyndham Dunsborough is one we will never forget, as it is a momentous one to our family.

Owners | WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham Owners

Fabian, Sarah, Steven & Rania

Thank you Wyndham and all the staff at the various resorts for all the dedicated, fantastic, courteous work you constantly do to keep families like ours enjoying our holidays—all over the country and the world!!!
Philip & Tina,

WorldMark Owners

(Editor’s Note: Congratulations and best wishes to Sarah & Fabian from your WorldMarkSP Team!)


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