We Got Married at Wyndham Resort & Spa Dunsborough!

Wedding at Wyndham Resort & Spa Dunsborough | WorldMark South Pacific Club by WyndhamOn the 15th June 2012 – a very intimate group of 32 went and stayed at the Dunsborough Resort in WA, for the celebration of our wedding which took place on the 16th June. 

We have been WorldMark Owners for only a short time. The week prior to our wedding – Western Australia suffered some horrid storms, we lost tiles off our roof, and power outages for a few days. The day before the wedding, I was hammering 4-inch nails into planks of timber in the blistering rain and wind into doors to stop them flying off their hinges – my husband is a FIFO (fly in, fly out – Ed) worker – my daughter had flown in for the wedding with my 11-month-old grand-daughter and as my daughter popped her head out the door, by candlelight, I remember looking miserably at her and saying this wedding is going to be a disaster!!

No one would have guessed the change in weather in only 24 hours.

The day was perfect, the venue was perfect, the food was perfect and the wonderful staff that took care of us to make this a memorable occasion were outstanding.

At the Dunsborough Resort, there is the most adorable chapel set in tranquil surroundings. The reception area overlooks the stunning Indian Ocean. The guests were overwhelmed by the beauty.

For our first wedding anniversary, we are booked into WorldMark Resort Ballarat.

Delia & Stephen,

WorldMark Owners since 2011


Editor’s Note: Congratulations to Delia & Stephen on their very special day and we wish them every happiness in the future! For more information on weddings at your WorldMark South Pacific Club resorts, visit your website

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