A Stopover in Vancouver, Canada

WorldMark Vancouver - The Canadian | WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham

WorldMark Vancouver – The Canadian

Now, where else, without lots of  dollars, could we have done or had our awesome holiday in Vancouver, Canada?

Travelling on a “Round the World’  Qantas ticket to visit my husband’s family in Denmark, we had a stopover in Vancouver. Choosing to stay at WorldMark Vancouver – The Canadian in central Vancouver, we booked for the whole week. With all the facilities of the Sheraton’s 5 star hotel across the road, we lived liked kings.

Now trying to fit in more than a day trip up to Whistler on the train and the sights of Vancouver, we also looked yearningly at the island of Victoria across the harbour. Where else can you afford to keep your luggage in your principal residence while you take yourself across to another  WorldMark  property (WorldMark Victoria)?

WorldMark Victoria  | WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham

WorldMark Victoria (Canada)

Armed with a small overnight bag, we crossed the road to the Sheraton, smugly thought of the hotel costs of our accompanying tourists. We boarded the bus, which took us to the ferry across the bay, and one taxi run which took us to the door of the WorldMark Victoria. Our comfortable room overlooked the yacht harbour, staff were like family, and we had the ability to walk back into ‘town’.

We had one unforgettable day whale watching in the freezing waters of the north, a visit to the Titanic display in the museum, and of course the world beautiful gardens.

Bottom line… as retirees now, there was no way we could have made this part of our holiday of a lifetime without our WorldMark Credits. Fantastic!

Irene & Henning,

WorldMark Owners since 2004

What was your experience?

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