Our First Ever Booking as New Owners – A Magical Experience in Ballarat!

Indoor Pool at WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham Ballarat

Indoor Pool at WorldMark Resort Ballarat

As new members, we were reading the magazines that are sent to us and thought how nice it would be for others to read about our first time experience as new Owners.  We sent my parents, uncle and auntie on holiday with us, as it was my uncle and auntie’s first time ever to Australia, and my parents’ wedding anniversary. Couldn’t have sent them anywhere better !!!   🙂

We have recently had the privilege of spending 2 wonderful days at WorldMark Ballarat, Victoria. It was WOW from the minute we drove in through the entrance, WOW as we entered the most magnificent old building, WOW as we ascended the lovely staircase with its beautiful stained windows and elegant hallways, and yet another WOW as we entered the apartment. Straight away there was this feeling of relaxation and peacefulness. The furnishings were just beautiful, very comfortable beds, a well equipped kitchen and a lovely feeling of ambiance overall. During our whole stay, not once did we hear any noise or get disturbed by other guests.

Historic WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham Ballarat

Historic WorldMark Resort Ballarat

The grounds are amazing – beautiful lawns and gardens, wonderful roses and shrubs everywhere, a lovely lake with wildlife, magnificent swimming pool, a play area for the littlies, bbq area, all maintained to the highest of standards.

Lake on the grounds of WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham Ballarat

Lake on the grounds of WorldMark Resort Ballarat

The staff were so welcoming and friendly and very helpful when needed. I cannot wait for another opportunity to stay at this wonderful WorldMark Resort again, and encourage other members to book in as soon as possible. Could not have asked for a better first time experience for our first ever booking as new Owners. Go on, book your next holiday in Ballarat, you will not be disappointed!

Thank you again for providing such a memorable experience, not only for my wife and I being able to send my parents there, but for giving us the confidence in our new Ownership. We are really looking forward to our next booking wherever that may be…

Andrew & Kim,

WorldMark Owners since 2012

2 thoughts on “Our First Ever Booking as New Owners – A Magical Experience in Ballarat!

  1. When I first became an owner I decided to plan a bonding trip with my 3 siblings (all female) & my Mum as we rarely caught up together because of our busy lives with our own families & relied on Mum to keep us informed.
    Our bonding trips now 10years down the track & my Mum now being 95 still living at home is going strong with our next bonding trip coming up shortly. I know that without my ownership these bonding trips would never had happened & I thank you for that ..I am the official organizer & I try to organize somewhere different every year I feel that my sisters & I have become closer because of our bonding trips & I might ad with 5 females on a roadtrip there are plenty of laughs.. Do yourselves a favour & make time to plan a bonding trip.
    Cheers Jenny

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