We recommend going to Vietnam or Cambodia!

Cambodia - itinerary arranged by Travel Club by WyndhamThe photo is taken by my husband on our latest holiday to Vietnam and Cambodia.

Travel Club by Wyndham helped me put our whole itinerary together and it turned out to be a fantastic holiday with amazing experiences.

This particular one is near Topas Ecolodge off Sapa deep in the mountains of Vietnam where all the ethnic minority hill tribes were.

Me and my 15 friends, as they said, all the time walked with us to show us their villages and countryside. They were happy and chattering all the time with us in what little English they knew. They learn English from tourists as they don’t get it at their traditional schools.

They make the most beautiful hand crafted goods made from hemp and coloured by indigo plants and other materials. To make a living they sell their goods to tourists or to a government agency.

When we wanted to go back to the lodge and expressed interest to buy something off them they were literally throwing all their goods at me to get a sale. I found it so hilarious I nearly died laughing! And my husband too while making the picture. I made a lot of them happy that day and ourselves too.

We recommend going to Vietnam (the north the most) or Cambodia to anybody and we are already making plans to go again, normally against our principles to go somewhere twice.

By the way we found it tough to choose the “one” between the hundreds of pictures  to send in as we have a lot of amazing and or stunning pictures.


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