Surprise at Sydney!

On Pacific Jewel cruise

On Pacific Jewel after leaving Wydnham Sydney…just a short cab ride to the cruise terminal. Great idea to use Worldmark Sydney as a base before and after cruises!

Gold Coast WorldMark South Pacific Club Owners Barb and Lindsay are surprised by fellow Gold Coast WorldMark South Pacific Club Owners, Bernadette and David, and guest Jillie at Worldmark Wyndham Sydney in July 2012.

And what a surprise it was! We were staying for several days at Wyndham Sydney in order to farewell our daughter and son in law on their move to London.

All four of us were accommodated very comfortably in one of the lovely resort rooms. We were then to go on a South Pacific cruise to cheer us up!!

Bernadette, David and Jillie decided to really cheer us up by arriving at Wyndham Sydney in order to stay with us at the Resort and to then accompany us on our cruise! After we recovered from the surprise, we REALLY were ‘cheered up’!!

The fantastic (and secretive!!) staff at Worldmark Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Sydney were in on the secret and they loved the surprise – which occurred in Reception amidst the bustle of attending to other fellow WorldMark Owners.

Our thanks to Wyndham Sydney for a fabulous time, a lot of fun and great accommodation!!

PS Some hints from Barb and Lindsay about where to go when staying at Wyndham Sydney!!

Choose one or all of the following 5-10 minute walks:

  1. Head north along Elizabeth St and find Hyde Park in the centre of Sydney. Catch a bus out to one of the great beaches…Bondi,  Coogee,  Maroubra.
  2. Head west along Goulburn St, past World Square (good shopping including groceries!) and hop on the free green shuttle bus (Number 555) which goes along George St (returns via Elizabeth St) down to Circular Quay and the beautiful Sydney Harbour…you can continue walking onto Chinatown, Paddy’s Markets and then across to Star City Casino and Darling Harbour…easy!
  3. Head south down Elizabeth St towards Central Railway Station and catch a train to anywhere!!


In the evening, saunter across the road to the ‘local’ on the corner of Elizabeth and Goulburn Streets and enjoy reasonably priced drinks, meals, live music, sports bar and an early 1900’s décor.  Make sure you use the pedestrian crossing on the way back!

Barb and Lindsay, 

WorldMark Owners since 2004

One thought on “Surprise at Sydney!

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