Forever Tassie Rules in Our Memory!

On top of Mount Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania

On top of Mount Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania

We landed at the Hobart airport on New Year day 1st Jan 13 and we were all expecting a very relaxing, rejuvenating and reviving holiday down in Tasmania.

It was going to be a holiday spent at some amazing landmarks and the homely resort with plentiful of amenities. However, it was an unexpected gift in the first week of January 2013, which will really make the visit to Hobart a vivid memory of ours to cherish for a long time.

Who knew that the pleasing staff and holiday residents of Hobart’s Seven Mile Beach Wyndham resort would be all ears to our adventurous journey on the way to Port Arthur?

On 4th Jan’13, we said our goodbyes to the serene pool and spa of the resort and drove down the Arthur highway and saw a fire burning in the mountains ahead of us. ‘Back burning’, we all thought, but our historical site tour at Port Arthur was just too surprising.

Port Arthur, Tasmania

Port Arthur, Tasmania

Time fled past us as we explored the mysterious Tasmania and history at the site. It was 5 PM when we returned from Harbour cruise. We were all eagerly waiting for the 9 PM Ghost tour. At 7 PM, it was announced by the Emergency Services staff that no one was to leave the Port Arthur site due to dangerous conditions of the Bush fires in nearby area. We were all asked to spend the night at the Port Arthur and the local residents of Tasmania were our angels in disguise. As I woke up every few hours in the night, the angels were watching over us like their own children. We were their first priority! They made it possible for us to eat well, sleep well and go back home safely.

Bushfires create a hazy Seven Mile Beach, Hobart, Tasmania

Bushfires create a hazy Seven Mile Beach

As we came back on the ferry to Hobart, there was still anxiety in the air as my whole family were not aboard the ferry due to non-availability of seats. Not to worry. We landed right near Salamanca Markets and shopped in awe for two hours, but finally decided to go home when the stalls were being packed away. We went back to the Seven Mile Beach resort and listened to the ABC radio and worry was endless until 10 PM at night when the rest of our family arrived from Port Arthur via Nubeena by a ferry.

The enthralled staff at the resort commented that we were ‘true Aussies’! You haven’t really seen Australia until you have experienced a Bushfire.

Forever Tassie rules in our memory!!

Keertana, age 14

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2 thoughts on “Forever Tassie Rules in Our Memory!

  1. The bushfires were horrendous. However your experience on Mt Wellington would be unique. We have been to Hobart once in August several years ago and this year on 13 January. On the August visit we spent several days and several times each day trying to get to the summit of Mt Wellington at a time when the view was clear. Once again on 13 January thhis year we were on a shore trip from a cruise and had the same experience. Mt Wellington is in and out of the clouds almost on a ten minute basis. It’s wonderful when one can connect the arrival at the summit with a time when the view is clear.

    • Hi Glenys, thank you for your comment.

      I agree, it is always lovely to read about other’s special travel moments. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the skies to be clear for your next visit!

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