Denarau Island during Tropical Cyclone Evan

Before and after Cyclone Evan at Wyndham Resort Denarau Island

Before and after Cyclone Evan at Wyndham Resort Denarau Island

Emma, daughter of Wyndham staffer Scott Campbell, shares her perspective of Tropical Cyclone Evan – which hit Denarau Island during their recent family holiday.


It was hard to believe that the way in which WorldMark welcomed us into our long looked-forward-to holiday could be warmer than Fiji’s afternoon sun above casting a dry heat over the beautiful island of Denarau.

Although, as the friendly staff and a strumming ukulele greeted us into the foyer, alarming announcements on cyclone ‘Evan’ pinned to the notice board were also present. As days passed with flawless weather we made the most of by the resort’s lagoon pool before “Evan” was to make his arrival at Denarau. Despite feeling silly to be stocking the fridge with water and freeing the balcony of outdoor furniture, seeing as though there still wasn’t enough wind present to carry the occasional beach volleyball serve hit wrong over the net, we prepared for the worst, still with hope for the best. However, as midday approached, our hope began to decrease simultaneously with the stillness of the ocean, the ‘calm before the storm’.

“Evan’s” arrival brought the transformation of politely swaying palm trees into a vigorous thrash. Holiday makers watched the frightening yet exciting scene unravel behind closed doors, safely watching security screens and other debris fly through the Resort at speed.

Fiji sunset captured by the Resort's pool

Fiji sunset captured by the Resort’s pool

The next morning, sounding like rain and wind rustling palms, turned out to, amazingly, be half of the resort’s guests already hosing down their balconies whilst others raked below and dragged the large debris away.

Each time-share Owner, motivated by the fact they all ‘own’ a small piece of the Resort, were taking personal ownership of the resort and, with the guidance of staff whose village-based homes were near destroyed, worked together to begin the clean-up operation. It was an indescribable feeling to be part of such a community-like group with exceptional attitudes and helping hands, who within a few days made the cyclone seem almost non-existent.

A well-deserved swim and mocktail a couple of days later once the resort was looking great again was the perfect way to reflect on the event which didn’t at all ruin our holiday, but opened our eyes to the extraordinary people at WorldMark, both guests and staff.

Vinaka, Wyndham, for an unforgettable stay.

Emma Campbell

Emma's Bio

Editor’s Note: We are pleased to pass on that Wyndham Resort Denarau Island fared well during the recent wild weather brought on by Tropical Cyclone Evan. Full details on the impact of Cyclone Evan on Wyndham Resort Denarau Island are now available. 

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