Kirra Beach – What to do first?!

Children at Wyndham Vacation Resorts Kirra BeachAfter our long drive from home, we made it to Wyndham Kirra Beach resort. We checked in and went up to our room. The kids were so excited but there was no time to rest, we had to go and explore.

The boys were so excited seeing the little park, mini golf and the pool; it was all so fantastic to them. What to do first?  We managed all three before we had dinner and bed. All four children talked all night about the resort before drifting off to sleep.

merry go roundMy husband and I woke early the next day as we knew the kids would be awake soon. It was a quick breakfast then the short walk to the beach and play area on the main strip. Looking back over our shoulder to the great view of the resort was fantastic and the views from the beach up the coast line to the city was also great.  Back to the resort for an 8 o’clock swim which the kids loved, it was a big hit.

Movie World, Gold Coast. We split our days up with adventures to the theme parks and the resort. We went to 3 of the theme parks, which the kids enjoyed. They enjoyed going on the rides at Movie World, and seeing the dolphins and the rides at Sea World. Wet and Wild was a hit too; we had troubles trying to leave them but when we got back to the resort it was all forgotten as the pool was the best of all for the boys.

We met some nice people on our stay and the staff were fantastic. It broke our hearts having to leave, but home was waiting for us.

We have been home now for 4 weeks and the kids are not happy with us. They can’t wait to go back. As our youngest one points out everyday to us, we will survive the torment  from him until we return. Thank you Wyndham  and thank you to the wonderful staff you have employed

Dylon & Stephen, 

WorldMark Owners since 2011

One thought on “Kirra Beach – What to do first?!

  1. .So glad to read your story, I am taking my 4 grandchildren to kirra beach in march it sounds wonderful and we are all so dolng the theme parks as well.

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