The Grand Canyon: “I have now ticked off another item on my ‘to-do’ list!”


The Grand Canyon: WorldMark South Pacific ClubMy son, Brayden, my nephew, Brandon,  and I have enjoyed 3 weeks travelling in the USA, thanks to my marvellous Wyndham membership!

We visited Los Angeles, [including Anaheim], as well as Las Vegas with a 4-night stay at WorldMark Spencer Street. It is a lovely family-friendly resort, with the trademark friendly and helpful staff.  One very special tour, whilst in Las Vegas, was a trip to the Grand Canyon. 

It was an early [4am] start, arriving at Boulder City Municipal Airport, {a 20 minute drive from our accommodation};  we were the first flight from Boulder to the Canyon that day.  The plane was a small 20-seater, with large windows, so that we could see far and wide, enjoying marvellous views of Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam.

Grand Canyon: WorldMark South Pacific Club

The Grand Canyon

We arrived at the West Rim of the Grand Canyon at 6:30am, to stunning scenery and in time to see dawn breaking.  This section of the Grand Canyon is on The Hualapai Reservation. The boys and I were the first people to venture onto the skywalk that morning, and as nerve-shattering as those first steps are on the glass, the view was magnificent.  You are stepping out into the ‘air’, it seems, some 1220m above the Colorado River. Photos don’t do justice to the incredible vista.

We travelled by shuttle bus from the airport to Eagle Point and Guano Point. Whilst eating lunch we met a chipmunk, which was sadly loathe to have its picture taken … but that was an added bonus to a fantastic day. Other attractions include The Indian Village with authentic dwellings.

With the greatest of  satisfaction, I have now ticked off another item on my ‘to-do’ list, thanks to Wyndham Vacations!Indian Village

– Val,

WorldMark South Pacifc Club by Wyndham Owner since 2003


2 thoughts on “The Grand Canyon: “I have now ticked off another item on my ‘to-do’ list!”

  1. Hi,

    Magnificent ! Superb images

    Most of the people enjoy the site of Grand Canyon through the Skywalk as I did before boston to dc bus tours. Before the Skywalk opened, the only way to get an eagle’s eye view of the canyon was by luxury bus tours.

    There are three ways to view the Grand Canyon: North Rim, South Rim and from inside the Canyon. Most people view the Grand Canyon from the South Rim because it is the closest travel time to the valley.


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