Just pop in those dates!

Chris and Helen at Daytona race track

Chris and Helen at Daytona race track

Holidaying with Wyndham is easy and adventurous……..go on put your dates in and see where you end up….we did.

We only have one rule when holidaying………always go to at least one place we have never been. Last year was Daytona Beach and this year we found the West Coast treasure……San Diego. With all but the last 3 nights of our USA holiday booked, I simply entered these dates we had free on the RCI website and up popped accommodation in San Diego. A place we had never thought of visiting, but so glad we did.

In 14 months we have been lucky enough to have experienced two wonderful trips to the United States. In April 2011 we enjoyed a memorable trip to New York to help celebrate a dear friend’s 50th birthday. Along with 24 other Ozzies, we descended on the Big Apple. However no one else had the accommodation with location that we did. Using the RCI Exchange Program, we stayed for 7 days at the Manhattan Club only blocks from Central Park, and walking distance to Time Square. …perfect. Although the weather was less than kind to us, it did not dampen our enthusiasm; sightseeing, shows, shopping….oh the shopping, our suits cases were bulging and we were only in week 1! New Hampshire to visit a friend then south for warmth yes! Miami…..Mmmm cocktails and then Daytona Beach….both booked online.

grand canyon

The Grand Canyon from our helicopter….amazing

June 2012 was the West Coast’s turn, 7 days in Las Vegas, where we took in the sights, including a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon/Hoover Dam/Lake Meade. The lights glitter and size of Las Vegas is amazing…….oh and don’t forget the shopping, so cheap! Then it was off to Anaheim for 3 nights, Disney Land…… what a wonderful legacy Walt has left us all. Our holiday finished with 3 nights in San Diego a truly wonderful place. Here getting around was easy, all we needed each was a $12 3-day transport card…and we went everywhere. With a week between Vegas and Anaheim/San Diego on a 7 day cruise to Mexico, our holiday was complete, excitement, relaxation and more things to do that time permitted.

mission beach

Helen at Mission Beach, an easy bus drive from San Diego

Our decision to invest with Wyndham has provided many wonderful holidays…with more to come. 2015 is the big 60 for me………Europe here we come.

Oh but don’t think we have only been overseas for holidays. Gold Coast and Coffs Harbour have also been added to our Wyndham experiences . We have never looked back since our decision to buy into Wyndham.

Happy holidaying.

Helen & Chris,

Owners since 2009



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