‘Think up a caption’ to our Fiji experience!

Daikoku Japanese Teppanyaki Judy and I have been friends since teaching together in New Zealand in the 80’s. Now that Judy is working in Christchurch supporting families displaced by the earthquakes, she really needed a warm and sunny mid-winter break.

My husband and I are now living in Adelaide and have been Wyndham Owners since 2001. We have had many happy holidays at Denarau, Fiji, so it seemed easy for Judy and I to meet up there.

We had a wonderful relaxing catch-up and lots of laughs! The great thing about staying at Denarau is that you also have easy access to Nadi town.

We had a fantastic meal at Daikoku Japanese restaurant and got lots of laughs when we saw how the Teppanyaki photo came out. Judy thinks we should use it for a “think up a caption” competition . . .


Judy & Linda

Editor: We’re opening the floor up to our readers – can anyone think of a caption to the Teppanyaki fire (image at the top of the post)? Share your captions in the comments below!

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