Our First Holiday: A Winter Break

Winter break

We have been Owners  for the last 3 years but this is the first holiday we have ever taken!  Not for the lack of trying, we had booked various holidays but because of one thing or another have always ended up giving them away to family & friends.

Finally on Monday, 25th July, we were off to the Edgewater Palms in Paihia (2 days later & 2 less people) we got to enjoy the luxury fit for a king, we had awesome weather (not bad for Winter), we did the Waitangi Treaty visit, we even drove up to 90 Mile Beach and had a swim – it was bliss. We booked for 7 nights but ended up only doing 4 but we were still determined not to give this one away as well.

We have booked another holiday for early December and this time the whole family (all 7 of us) will celebrate two birthdays in style, we are going to Paihia again.  It will definitely be a birthday to remember,  my oldest son, Rhys will be 19 & his brother, Kyle will be 15 both on December 4th.

Thank you Wyndham 🙂


What was your experience?

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