Compulsory Holidays

Our story is not so much about a specific place we went to, but about every place we have been!

From a very early age, my husband was brought up to work in his parent’s milk bars and fruit and veggie shops. Open 7 days…no play and no holidays. He’s 59 and the second oldest of nine. I’m 57 and the youngest of six. I was brought up to play, but we were pretty poor and had no money to spend on fancy holidays and expensive resorts, so our fun was camping and I loved it.

Enter WorldMark and the reason why we joined. Go on holiday and play or lose your points!!! Each year we get a letter saying if we don’t go on holiday we’ll lose our points. Then, we go into a flurry of…’where will we go?’…aaarrggh!!!

We’re still not very good at it, but when we get there we are in heaven… nothing to do that we don’t want to do, except eat, drink (moderately of course!), socialise, swim, read, wander aimlessly around, shop, dance and experience new places and other cultures! What’s not to love?

We have been forced to go to Fiji twice, Bali, Kirra (easy because we live on the Gold Coast) and Wanaka later this year. Next year we are going to really splash out and go to Italy!

Compulsory holidays! We love them!



What was your experience?

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