Changing How We Holiday

I would like to tell our story as it started 9 years ago when we joined.

My husband and I went to Denarau for the 6th time last August. This time we were on our own as my 18 year old daughter stayed home.

It was so strange having our first holiday with no children to look after and it took a little while to get into the swing of things, that is basically doing nothing just relaxing and reading. My daughter was 9 years old the first time we went and we met a great group of friends and their kids each year. 

The great thing is we have just given our daughter and her partner a holiday in Port Douglas so the holidays just keep on coming but in different ways.

We are so glad we decided to join Wyndham when we did as it wasn’t as big as it is today and we really didn’t know much about it.

Thank you for the wonderful holidays we have had over the years!

Kind regards

Lyn and Martin

What was your experience?

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