A Dream Come True

My husband, Rodelio and I attended the WorldMark Club information session sometime in the year 2009. Before going to the appointment, we agreed not to join the club,   but to just get our gifts after listening  and  go home straight away.

After the session, things changed. Though our finances couldn’t really afford to buy any credits, because my husband is the only one earning for our living, on top of our home mortgage, regular bills and all other expenses, we decided to purchase “Trial Credits”. What the club offers is just impressive, irresistible and worth taking. We are so pleased with the Consultant and Staff who helped us and fixed our payment method to the most convenient way for us.

We went home with our fantastic gifts! First, 3 Nights Stay for two bedroom apartment at Port Stephens. My husband, 8 year old son, Evangelo and me, went there in February last year, together with our daughter, Jacelle her husband and baby, and also my brother’s family. We really enjoyed our stay in the apartment , loving the coastal view from our rooms also the bush overlooking  the resort, watching and capturing the kangaroos and their joeys hopping from time to time. We also had a great time around the town, the beach, and caught lots of fish more than enough for our meals for three days! Second, a fabulous 5 Nights Stay, including Buffet Breakfast at Daydream Island Resort in the Great Barrier Reef. My husband, our son and I went there in November 2010. The place is a paradise! We felt like we are one of those “rich and famous” people enjoying the times of our lives. It is definitely one of the best holidays of our lives! Seeing our son being so happy and having lots of fun while we there is so precious! Thank you WorldMark for our unforgettable and marvelous gifts!

In April this year, my husband got surprised when he received a call from WorldMark  Club advising us to use the “Trial Credits” we bought before it expires in August 2011. We almost forgot about it, and didn’t realize that the payment term is almost over. So we booked our holidays at Cairns– for 5  Nights, our  Winter Getaway in June, at Flynns Beach for 3 Nights -in July to celebrate our 23rd Wedding Anniversary, 1 Night in Sydney– to experience the Winter Festival and at Pokolbin Hill – in September for 1 Night Getaway for  me and my husband.  My family love the great outdoors. We love nature, the sea, the beach, parks and gardens, and so we really enjoyed our holdidays  with  WorldMark!  All the above holidays are one of the best holidays my family had. They were just magnificent and full of excitement, but I want to highlight our stay at Cairns and Daydream Island, both in the Great Barrier Reef.

To see the Great Barrier Reef, one of the Great Wonders of the World is my “Childhood Dream”, since I was 8 years old. Words can not express how glad I was!  My dream come true! Swimming with the fishes in the beach and feeding them,  holding a baby shark, tapping and rubbing some  sting rays,  riding in a mini-submarine seeing  , appreciating and capturing God’s wonderful colourful creation under the sea are so awesome and breathtaking and oh,  what a blissful moments! I feel like crying in joy! What a great experience! My husband and I can see the enormous joy on the face of our son, and that is priceless! And of course we loved our stay in the resorts, with the friendly staff and great service. In Cairns, we enjoyed our breakfast in the veranda of our room, with the beautiful view of the pool, spa and garden, as well as the nice mountains of the town. Our son even commented “I love this place Mum, as if we are in Switzerland”. We felt like our five nights were not enough, we still want to explore Cairns, though we did visited couple of beaches and parks on that time.

During our 1 Night Stay in Sydney, we attended another Information Session about WorldMark Club, encouraging us to buy owner credits. It is so difficult for us because our financial status hasn’t improved, and my husband is still the only one who has a job. My husband and I talked, that we are going to give up some of our regular expenses and purchase WorldMark Credits instead! The  awesome services and benefits of WorldMark Club made us decide. Our special thanks to our Consultant and Staff who served us.

Life is too short! We need to enjoy it and spend quality time with our family and loved ones! We need holidays! We need WorldMark Club!


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